The Pros and Cons of Survivor: Fiji – “Love Many, Trust Few, Do Harm to None”

Dreamz and Cassandra

Despite the clash at the beginning of the episode with Dreamz struggling with the coffee press (“They don’t have those on the streets?” was waiting on the tongues of his other tribemates, who I’ll get to in a second), these two held their heads fairly high in the wake of a clear divide within their tribe. It was nice to see Cassandra come back later with two strong challenge performances, and Dreamz showed some actually strategy within his testimonials. These two are, at the very least, aware of their position without being high and mighty about it.

Lisi and Stacey

Girls, what was that? The idea of returning from the challenge refusing to even speak with these people shows an absolutely lack of class as Alex rightly pointed out. While everyone else seemed to be fairly normal about things, even if they refused to listen to Alex’s view, these two were outwardly ridiculous to a degree I did not expect…well, of Stacey, anyways, Lisi has been on the Con List since last week’s disgusting performance.

Yau Man and Earl

It was a smart move on their part to try to give Yau Man time to look for the Idol; it appears to have been a tiny bit of a failure, as far as we know, but the fact of the matter is that these two are in a good position if they can hold the Idol and stay alive to head into the merge with a good set of numbers. It was some intelligent play that gives them a heads up in a tribe that is otherwise falling apart.

Survivor Producers

Sorry, folks, but you’re in a rough place with me right now. While I think that the episode itself was fine, I’m hoping you stop dangling the amenities out in front of the teams. It’s clear based on next week that you’re reorganizing things to make up for the clear physical divide (See: The Reward Challenge), but if you’re going to be giving them anything and everything it’ll limit its effect in the future.


Seriously? How did you not get the 9? Pathetic. And you’re annoying.

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