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Fringe – “Ability”



February 10th, 2009

If there was ever any question about which J.J. Abrams show Fringe was trying to be, “Ability” sealed the deal.

For those who didn’t have the pleasure of seeing Abrams’ second major foray into television, Alias, this episode played out much like that series. At a certain point, Sydney Bristow walked into a residence during a mission (serving as a spy) and saw a puzzle lying scattered on a table. Within a few seconds, she was suddenly (and subconsciously) completing the puzzle before her, instinctively creating the tower that the pieces created. While I won’t spoil the actual reason why Sydney was able to complete the task, let’s just say that it was some sort of test project, and that there was a reason why she became a spy.

Ultimately, “Ability” is trying to do the same for Olivia Dunham, giving her a reason to be so intricately linked to this mysterious scientific conspiracy that is currently unfolding. Catapulting the mysterious and creepy Mr. Jones back into our main narrative, we learn some very important things in this episode, things that will go a very long way to allowing the series (upon its return in April) to expand into ideas that have laid dormant since the pilot or have yet to even be uncovered. The result is, if not the cleanest episode since the show first entered into this type of territory with “The Arrival,” then certainly the one that has felt the most expansive.

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Scrubs – “My ABCs” and “My Cookie Pants”


“My ABCs” and “My Cookie Pants”

January 27th, 2009

I knew something was off when I was watching, especially, the first episode of last night’s Scrubs doubleheader. J.D. and Elliot didn’t seem particularly close despite getting back together last week, the interns were being introduced as if we had only first met them, and we got the genesis of J.D.’s Facts of Life name for his intern despite having already seen it pop up in the premiere episodes three weeks ago. And sure enough, my confusion was quite justified: reading Sepinwall’s review confirms that this was, in fact, a rejiggered episode likely meant to be the season premiere – you don’t go out and grab the Sesame Street muppets for just any episode, after all.

But what it created was a weird sameness to these episodes: they were never meant to run sequentially, and it shows in the fact that they have very similar structures and at times felt like we were just dealing with not only storylines repeated in previous episodes but also in the one that followed. This is already a season that is repeating past storylines in an effort to reclaim some past glory, so it’s not like this is out of place or even unwanted: I laughed quite a bit through both half-hours, so I’m not one to complain.

Just that when the show is already getting put on hiatus (until mid-March) and moving to a new timeslot (Wednesdays at 8pm), they could have used something that promoted continuity as opposed to disrupting it even in this subtle fashion.

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Cultural Hiatus

My Faithful Readership,

So, as you may have noticed, I have yet to blog any of Monday’s plentiful options that I usually review at Cultural Learnings. The scarier thing, even, is that I haven’t even watched any of them, as I spent the entirety of last evening on the first of many major projects/events of the next week.

As a result, I’m taking a brief hiatus: not from watching TV, I’ll get to most of last night’s lineup today as a break from a busy morning, but from blogging about it. I should be back for Mad Men next Sunday, as I don’t want to get behind on the show, but in the meantime no full fledge reviews. However, you won’t be entirely devoid of my (attempts at) witty commentary.

To continue following my viewing habits, you can follow my Twitter feed. For those who don’t know, Twitter is a social networking service where, if you join, you can choose to “follow” various individuals ranging from nobodies like me to TV Critics, politicians, celebrities, and everything inbetween. They can also follow you, and this begins this really intriguing subsection of conversation, opinion, and internet society.

It’s a great way for me, this week, to keep reacting to the television I’m watching in 140 characters as opposed to 1400 words, something that happens a bit too often for the sake of my productivity levels elsewhere. As an example of my recent use of Twitter to discuss my weekend-long excursion into Gilmore Girls Season One (Where I literally had to hold myself back from bringing the rest of the seasons back to school with me):

Nothing can help me stop my GG marathon than a fresh helping of Daniel-written townie-hijinx filled mayhem. Oh, Daniel.

So, happy TV watching everyone, and if you really want to know what I was thinking about TV at 2am, Twitter is the place to be!


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