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Super Bowl XLI – Halftime Commentary

It’s halftime, and that was quite the half. An opening kickoff return TD? Teams trading off turnovers not once, but twice?! Manning implodes, but then bounces back, but then kind of sucks again, and…Vinatieri misses a field goal? It has not been pretty, in any way whatsoever.

9:01pm: Shannon Sharpe just told me to keep my eyes on my luggage. Will do. We’re currently going over the large number of turnovers in the game.

9:03pm: We’re talking about conditions at this point, let’s remember the rain here. The commentators had said before that it didn’t look like it was going to rain much. Ha. Vanessa notices that Dan Marino has gotten a dye job. Steve does a little Bronco chat.

9:05pm: Halftime show commencing, ah yeah bitches! I have no idea why small children are currently singing We Will Rock You, but…they are. And now everything is on fire.

9:06pm: Prince appears to be performing Let’s Go Crazy. And, he’s performing in what I assume is the rain. And his dancers are writhing on the ground, as per usual. How does he find these people?

9:07pm: One person in the audience had a rain poncho on. She looked terrified to be there. Poor her.

9:08pm: Prince is officially now making weird noises, which apparently means he’s singing Baby I’m a Star.

9:09pm: And now comes to the marching band! Someone’s glowing. And now he’s singing Proud Mary. This is bizarre.

9:10pm: And now the entire marching band is glowing in the dark. It’s solid. And now he’s singing All Along the Watchtower. Which, okay. This is quite the interesting little set here, as he’s breaking into The Foo Fighters. This is, as the Elder puts it, “The Fucking Prince Rock and Roll Review.”

9:13pm: And now Prince is just rocking it out on the guitar.

9:14pm: Fireworks!

9:15pm: And now, fulfilling the obvious connection we saw as soon as it was raining, Purple Rain. And the stage is purple. (In other news, Chris just kissed Tim’s ass. It was gross.)

9:16pm: Now Prince is performing in front of a giant moving sheet wind thing, it’s all silhouetted and everything else. Very cool looking.

9:18pm: Now Prince, after working the crowd, finishes rocking out to Purple Rain and basks in the glory of the crowd.

9:19pm: The end verdict? Quite the spectacle, although certainly nothing outside of a normal rock show in terms of production. Unlike past years, which get caught up in big names and self promotion, it seemed like it was instead something that could only happen during the Super Bowl. It was Prince rocking out to his own music, and that of Queen, Dylan, Foo Fighters, and CCR. And, in the end, it resulted in something that was interesting, exciting, if not perhaps as commercialized as past years.

9:21pm: I’ve decided that nothing else will be happening of interest, so back to the game. Hope all enjoy it.

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An Update on Post-Super Bowl and Counter Programming

Super Bowl XLI kicks off this evening, and with it comes a whole slew of spin-off benefits for advertisers, fans of CBS’ Criminal Minds, and even viewers to some extent. A game not about a game, but rather an event, is not something limited to the Super Bowl but there is nothing quite like it in any other sport. Nothing can match its sheer spectacle, its sheer madness and its sheer pop cultural power.

The game itself, a matchup between the Chicago Bears and the Indianapolis Colts, has its Cinderella stories. Peyton Manning is getting his first real shot at the coveted title, and after sending Tom Brady packing two weeks ago he’s riding the wave of individual popularity usually reserved for the much-oggled Patriots quarterback. The Bears’ defence is standing waiting for him, but…yeah, I must admit, I kind of bore myself when I get into too many details.

You see, I’m what one would call a recreational football fan. I know the rules, I know the strategies, I know the big stars, but don’t ask me to sit down and start obsessing over a certain player. I enjoy watching a good football game (See: Patriots/Colts last week), but I can’t get too excited about things beforehand. It just isn’t going to happen.

However, some people aren’t excited about the Super Bowl at all. This is entirely understandable, and there are some alternatives. They’re not great, though, I’ll warn you.

The Rich and the Poor: Programming After and During the Super Bowl

Post-Super Bowl

Criminal Minds (CBS) and Deal or No Deal: Canada (Global)

I previewed the episode of Criminal Minds a while back, and I must admit that my excitement has dropped even further as the commercials I’ve been seeing have been of “just another episode” of CBS’ serial killer crime drama. There’s nothing that makes it seem all that interesting, and they’re not even advertising James Van Der Beek. Probably smart.

However, I’ve been avoiding recognizing the existence of Deal or No Deal: Canada. Basically, it’s the same show but with Canadian people winning Canadian money (No tax, bitches!) and Canadian “ladies” opening the cases. It’s a bit too gimmicky for my tastes, and the fact that it’s the same host and everything is somewhat frustrating. I know that Howie Mandel is already Canadian, but this is even worse than what was done with Millionaire. These shows have how many incarnations around the world, with different styles and hosts, but our proximity to the US appears to dictate that little of our own culture can really seep into the production. This is especially the case when it’s just the same cake with slightly different icing.

Damn, now I want cake.

Counter Programming to the Super Bowl

The Puppy Bowl (Animal Planet), Grease: You’re the One That I Want Marathon (NBC), X2: X-Men United (FOX), Old School (ABC)

You can watch four hours of people trying to become broadway star, mutants fighting against injustice and anti-mutant sentiment in the public, Will Ferrell streaking after having joined a fraternity at a ridiculously old age, or eight hours of puppies playing with sports equipment and tackling each other adorably.

I vote puppies. And now I want cake and a puppy. This is bad.

So, whatever you decide to watch, I hope you enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday. Hopefully the game manages to live up to all of the hype surrounding it. I might do a feature on the commercials if there’s enough good ones, time will tell. But, to preview my most anticipated event (The first Puppy Bowl held smack dab in the middle of the YouTube revolution), here’s clips from Puppy Bowl III.


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