Lost – “Not in Portland”

Considering that this will be posted two hours before the ABC airing of the episode, this will contain spoilers. So, if you want to know what happens later, keep reading. If you haven’t watched it yet, I suggest you don’t.


We open on Julie, on a beach with a small pouch in her hand, crying. She then heads into a security area, where she runs into Ethan. Yes, that Ethan. She keeps walking, and then enters a room. Her sister is the woman in the room, and she opens up her little pouch in order to bring out a small vial of some sort of liquid. She injects it, and they talk about how she likes to live on the beach. Turns out, we’re in Miami, and not on the island.

We then return back to the island, back to where we left off. Jack tells Kate to run, Juliet looks on, and then Kate/Sawyer make some asskickery and run off. Juliet, meanwhile stands up for herself, and orders the men to capture or kill Kate/Sawyer; she doesn’t think Jack will let a patient die (He’s quite moral, remember). And Credits.

We return to Juliet, entering a medical research center. She tries to steal one of the aforementioned vials, but a man and a tall woman enter and start making out. Her cell phone rings, and she gets caught. Turns out the man is her ex-husband, how awkward. She makes words about lab reports, and then exits. We return to Juliet, who continues to argue with Jack about the current situation. Jack pulls the “You asked me to let him die on the operating table” card, which promptly gets Juliet kicked out of the operating room, but not before she points out to Jack that Kate/Sawyer don’t just have to cross the island, they have to cross the two-mile span.

Kate/Sawyer find this themselves, and are then shot at by the approaching others. They fight it out in the woods, until Alex (Rousseau’s Daughter) saves them…for now. We return to Jack briefly, who then realizes that Ben is awake. And wants to talk to Juliet. Commercial.

Juliet Flashback Part Three: Ed is onto Juliet’s stealing of medicine to do clinical trials on her sister. He wants in, claiming his reputation will bring them further. We then return to Juliet pacing back and forth, and gets the news that Ben is awake, and he wants to see her. (Sidenote: Alex wants them to rescue Carl before heading back to the island. It was quick). Ben wants to talk to Juliet, alone. Jack is somewhat concerned about this, with good reason really.

This is frustrating: we can’t see what they’re saying. Tom introduces himself to Jack, in a very kind manner. We’re STILL not hearing them, such a brave design choice. Juliet seems sad, or angry, and Tom says “they got History.” Oh, Juliet is pacing now…and storming out of the room. Juliet wants him to finish the surgery now. Why? Because Juliet is going to help his friends escape for…some reason. That was quite the conversation, then, and we head to commercial scratching our collective heads.
We return to a flashback, where Dr. Juliet Burke is receiving a pitch about Portland being an impressive place to live. Apparently, she…impregnated a male field mouse. They want her to lead a team to look into…a woman with a severely old womb, despite not being old. She seems, however to be tied to her ex-husband’s company, and she can’t live up to that potential. Mr. Albert insists she’s special, but she thinks she’s a mess.

That mess walks determinately out into the camera room, where she spots the escapees. “Oh Alex.” She knows where she’s headed. A man sits at a jail-like structure reading A Brief History of Time. His name is Aldo, Sawyer finds this entertaining. Alex has a cunning plan. Alex’s dad is brought up…this implies that perhaps he is still alive? Or was Ben her Dad? He fell for the “Wookie Prisoner Gag.” Kate then suggests that they shoot him in the knee, how civilized.

They break into the jail, and find that Cal is being all Clockwork Oranges with crazy videos. Everything Changes. Piano. Dolls. IVs. Crazy glasses. “We are the causes of our own suffering.” “God Loves You as He Loves Jacob.” “Think About Your Life.” Sawyer is transfixed, and poor Carl is OUT of it. He’s fried. Sawyer carries him out, and wants to know where his damn boat is as we go to commercial. That was rather intense.

As we return, Danny (Angry guy) kicks some ass of poor Aldo, but Juliet arrives to try to get him to understand Ben’s order. Juliet then heads into the past, as she talks to her sister about Portland. Her sister then reveals that she’s pregnant, so her research is working, whatever it is. Juliet is elated, and her sister is ecstatic. Juliet goes to confront Ed, and tells him the good news about Rachel’s pregnancy. Juliet doesn’t want to publish her sister’s…OH MY GOD HE JUST GOT HIT BY A BUS. I forgot to mention that she had wished for his back when discussing with Portland guy.

Back in the operating room, Tom is a bit queasy around blood. “Ever since the sky turned purple…” Damnit, Tom was about to tell us why they haven’t left the island for good, and then Jack has to go and cut an artery by mistake. Boourns, Jack. Kate/Sawyer and Co. arrive to the boat, and load Carl aboard. As they do, Danny arrives toting his gun. Sawyer stands his ground, and then Juliet proceeds to shoot Danny dead. She wasn’t kidding about Ben’s order now, was she? Commercial.

As we return, Ben is spiking, and there’s too much blood…and Tom has to be the assistant. Julie, meanwhile, nonchalantly tell them to go and get out of here. Alex, meanwhile, is staying, or else Ben will kill Carl. Looks like the castaways are getting a new orphan for Christmas this year, as he’s going with them. Juliet tells them to wait, and we cut to Jack trying to fix the bleeding. Kate radios in: The blonde woman is letting them go. Jack wants to know the story from the stitching.

Surgery on a girl, he messed up, made a mistake. (This seems fitting). All of the nerves came loose, and he said he was so afraid that the fear was so real…he didn’t know what to do. This, of course, is giving Jack the ability to fix Ben up. And then he wasn’t afraid anymore, and then he was strong. And, Ben appears to be out of the dark. Yay. And now everyone is all sad, and Jack wants Kate to promise not to come rescue him. And Jack cuts her off…harsh. Just as their love was being rekindled and everything.

It’s time to go: Kate and Sawyer cast off, leaving Juliet and Alex on the beach watching. A neat little remix of my favourite Lost Drama music cue plays as we head into Juliet’s past…which means Ed’s corpse in the morgue. Yay. And she cries about it. Jack, meanwhile, stares at Ben’s body from the observation area as Juliet returns. Jack was able to remove the tumour, but a biopsy will need to be done.

What’s next for Jack? “They” haven’t decided. Jack wants to know what Ben said, that made her save his life. He thinks he’s owed an answer. We head back to crying Juliet, who gets a visit from…ETHAN! Along with Portland guy. Methinks that the job in Portland was decidedly NOT in Portland. Portland guy…knows that his sister is pregnant. They only want her for six months, she’ll be back before the baby is born. Her sister can’t come with her, you see, because they’re not really in Portland after all. Duh.

We return to Jack and Juliet. “I’ve been on this island for three years, two months and 28 days. He said that if I let him live, and helped Jack, he would finally let me go home.”

Next Week on Lost: Locke and Sayid return to the beach to tell Charlie/Hurley about Eko’s death, and Desmond’s ability to see the future could save Claire’s life.

I’m happy about how this went. Kate and Sawyer are off the island, we understand Juliet’s character much better, Ben is still in action, and the power struggles of the Others are even more profound. This episode was needed in order to get back to the original castaways, even though we could have perhaps seen a bit more of them. We didn’t get major answers, but it’s clear that the Others can’t leave the island either, and their sensory tactics are most interesting. This was the type of episode that I had expected in the “Fall Finale.” It was everything it needed to be…but not everything the haters wanted, that’s for sure.

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  1. Lost episode 7 – Not in Portland
    Brainwashing Scene with Karl strapped to the chair in Room 23.
    Seperated with surround sound and played backwards you can hear a creepy woman saying “Only fools are enslaved by time and space”

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