Lost – “Flashes Before Your Eyes”

One of my favourite prefixes is meta. I don’t know why this is the case, but I simply find it fun. There’s something about something within something else that just makes me pleased to be existing. Perhaps this is why I quite enjoyed tonight’s episode of Lost. Because, focusing on Desmond, it was really a flashback within a flashback. 

The episode had no subplots, it was entirely designed to setup why it is that Desmond receives flashes of the future. We went back to the moment when Desmond turned the key, and saw as Desmond flashed back to his time in England with Penny (Who we saw at the end of last season as the recipient of the research station’s phone call). Aware of his time on the island, Desmond began to come to grips with the role of fate within his past.

Desmond ran into Charlie busking on the streets, predicted the future a bit, and met someone else who was able to shed some light on his situation. He was forced to leave Penny , and then after realizing his ability to change situations woke up, naked in the trees. It is thus that he woke up, and found that he had this power. 

Now, this answered a few little things, but mostly it just set up a whole lot of Desmond’s future. Here’s some of the things we don’t know:

Does Desmond only see future things which affect Charlie? 

There’s no question that Charlie’s imminent death is the most important of Desmond’s flashes, but is that all he sees? And why are they just flashes, as opposed to true recollections like in his flashback within a flashback? Remember back to when Desmond woke up, and he talked to Hurley about Locke’s speech which had yet to be given. If he remembered that, has he already lived this future before? Or is it just strange foresight?

Why is Penny looking for Desmond? 

If Desmond broke her heart, why is Penny searching for him after all these years? Why does she think he’s still alive, and why would she know to look for something like this explosion? Penny has to have some reason to be doing this, Desmond being lost on the boat trip should have just been considered an accident after all. I have a feeling that Desmond’s bending of time perhaps plays a part in this, perhaps warning her of the impending future.

Do we really care if Charlie dies? 

Honestly, at this point, do we care? While nature’s at it, they can pick off the two unseen newbies as well and…you could probably kill some randoms too. I’d like to be able to get a better scale of things, it would be for the best.

Looks like next week is going to feature Kate and Sawyer weighing the pros and cons of saving Jack (I’d say they should probably at least try to save him) and it looks like the “I’ll let you go, Juliet” sentiment was a whole bunch of lies. I can’t say I’m too surprised, honestly.


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2 responses to “Lost – “Flashes Before Your Eyes”

  1. Unless Desmond’s entire sequence was all in his head – which I really, really hope the writers wouldn’t do because it’s lame – then it has one of two implications (and maybe both):

    1. That Desmond has actually lived the present before. Connect the dots: Desmond’s previous ability to “see the future” when he was in England came because he had lived it before and was sent back to it when he turned the fail safe key on the island. Ergo, it’s logical to assume that the reason he can “see the future” NOW, on the island, is because he has lived it before and has been sent back (as with before, he only remembers things sporatically, and usually when triggered).

    2. That because of turning the fail safe key, Desmond’s whole concept of space and time is completely messed up, allowing him periodic glimpses into the past and future.

    I don’t think anyone is going to miss Charlie that much. He’s become a rather annoying character – interesting, but very rash and not very likeable. He’s been on my shit list ever since he shot Ethan.

    Also, there may be something supernatural about Penny’s devotion to finding Desmond, but it could also just be love (note that her name, Peneolpe, is a sly reference to Odysseus’ wife in the Odyssey, who turns down suitor after suitor while waiting 20 years for her husband to return from being lost at sea).

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