Obituary: The O.C. (2003-2007)

Orange County or “The O.C.” – With great sorrow we announce the passing of Orange County, affectionately known as “The O.C.” on February 22nd. After living a long life of four television seasons, it will pass away in a flourish this evening at 9pm EST, 10pm CST. Check your local listings. Please. We need you to watch.

It was brought into the world on August 5th, 2003, and millions of bitches were welcomed to Orange County with juvenile delinquents, drug laced parties and alcohol infused fighting. We were introduced to the life of Ryan Atwood, a young offender brought into the home of Sandy and Kirsten Cohen. We met the Cohen’s son, Seth, and the Cohen family’s neighbour Marissa Cooper. There was Summer, Luke, Julie, and the whole O.C. crew.

Dubbed the next 90210, it grew in success over that summer and became a runaway hit. Fans yearned to see Ryan and Marissa come together, for Seth and Summer to come together, for Julie to sex up her daughter’s ex-boyfriend, for Sandy and Kirsten to find happiness amongst their own problems. Over its four seasons, there were many trials and tribulations, but through it all the drama reigned supreme.

The O.C. is predeceased by numerous of its inhabitants. The beloved cranky patriarch, Caleb; Johnny, the random public school surfer who hilariously tore his ACL and then fell off a cliff; and, of course, Marissa Cooper. Her death at the end of Season Three was a tragic event within the world of The O.C., but some people were kind of happy.

The O.C., as far as we know, is survived by Ryan Atwood, Seth Cohen, Summer Roberts, Sandy and Kirsten Cohen, and Julie Cooper. Along with these initial cast members, recent additions Kaitlin Cooper and Taylor Townsend have become an integral part of the core dynamic. Other characters remain wandering the universe: Jimmy Cooper, Anna, Oliver, Dr. Roberts, Theresa, Lindsay, Sade, Eddie, Rebecca, DJ, Che and, of course, Princess Sparkle and Captain Oats.

Donations can be made to the Josh Schwartz Pilot Fund, supporting the various scripts which the O.C.’s creator will be pushing this upcoming year. Memorial services will be held on the FOX Network at 9pm EST. We know that you have other commitments at that time, including the finale of the Drowning arc on that doctor show, and some sort of mystery on that lab show, but you’re going to be watching American Idol anyways; why not just stick around?


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4 responses to “Obituary: The O.C. (2003-2007)

  1. hey.. Im doing like a memorial for The OC on my sit and i was wondering if you would allow me to use your awesome memorial picture 🙂 Please!

  2. Go nuts. The fact that you asked kind of amazes me, I appreciate it.

  3. Plz chek it out…it is very sad but neways

    R.I.P the O.C

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