The Pros and Cons of Survivor: Fiji – “Let’s Just Call Jeff on the Jeff Phone”

With Thursday Night TV Club taking a bit of a break this week, and an episode of Survivor that was rather broad in its effects, I figure there’s no better chance to discuss some more Pros and Cons about Survivor: Fiji.


Survivor Producers

I would like to thank the Survivor producers for finally throwing a wrench into the whole camp issue, much later than I expected them to. While I think you waited a bit too long, the idea of using the camp comforts in exchange for immunity is a decision that should have been much tougher for them to make (which I’ll get to in a second). While it’s still clearly ripping off themselves, considering the Apprentice’s use of the same basic concept, it’s coming across better because of the more physical nature of the game. Honestly, on the Apprentice it’s just silly; here, it seems natural because it’s actually changing the way people play the game and truly affecting them both mentally and physically.



Moto gets put on the Con side for making the decision to keep their comfort in exchange for their immunity win. While I get that their decision was made for their future success, they should have realized that at this point their solidarity is more than just numbers. Now, whereas this wasn’t the case before, the alliance lines are clearly drawn within the tribe. While they might have lost their luxury, they would have at least stayed 7 strong without the need to draw the battle lines. Whereas it was once a silent five alliance, it is now clearly out into the open. While they might still have their comfort, their unity is shattered; that’s not a trade they should have made, and they’re going to suffer because of it.



Despite their stupidity in their final decision, Moto has to be respected for a solid handling of the Gary issues and for two strong challenge performances. The team is working well together (Up to this point anyways), and their ability to both dominate and rebound during challenges is important. Their general abilities have proven to be more than able to destroy Ravu in the end.



Sorry guys, you might have immunity but don’t let your self-esteem get ahead of itself. You got saved this week, when Moto should have let you fight amongst yourself for another week. From Rocky’s obnoxiousness, to Anthony’s consistent struggling with sellf-esteem due to Rocky’s obnoxiousness, from Earl’s vague attempts at strategy, from Rita and Yau Man’s weakness at the challenge, and Michelle and Mookie sitting back doing well but unable to fix the obvious problems. They need to pull things together; look what happened last season when the tribe of four came together; however, they were actually smart, and not obnoxiousness.


Rocky, Anthony, Lisi

I have no one to single out in a positive fashion, to be honest, but there are three who need to be whipped into shape. Rocky needs to control his emotions, and to get over his obvious hatred of Anthony for no apparent reason. It’s so strangely manifested itself as pure anger, and then channels itself into a pink bikini top with coconuts in it? He needs psychiatric care, perhaps like that which Anthony received when he was younger. His complex regarding being bullied is absolutely ridiculous. Whether or not he was bad at the challenges (He’s not great) there’s no reason he can’t stay in the game in that capacity. He needs to get his head in the game and stick up for himself, and the rest of his tribe needs to do the same.

That doesn’t compare, however, to Lisi’s ignorance. From her lack of caring for Gary’s well-being, to her reasoning for getting rid of Liliana, it was nothing but a string of idiocy coming out of her mouth. She’s generally useless in challenges, and her only claim to the game at this point is a vague alliance which will get rid of her first chance it gets. She needs to go home, and soon, or at the very least be forced to live in the other camp for a few days to experience truly harsh conditions.

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