Heroes – “Parasite” Spoilers

Yes, as a Canadian I’m lucky enough to get an early shot at this week’s episode of Heroes that is its last until late April. After last week’s fantastic “Company Man”, which I consider to be the best episodes of TV aired last month, how does Heroes move forward in advancing their key storylines? Well, here’s how:

[Note: These are spoilers, and are only slightly vague. You’ve been warned!]

Within the first few minutes: Bennet wakes up, Hiro arrives in Las Vegas, Peter escapes after Simone’s death and Claire realizes that she won’t be going home anytime soon.

Nathan appears to have had a secret agenda throughout his campaign which could prove particularly volatile in its final days.

Bennet doesn’t remember any of the past few episodes; however, it appears that he was busy off-screen in the last episodes and that his wife’s memory loss is perhaps not as complete as it once was.

Sylar and Mohinder are back in New York (they “drove all night”) and Sylar is looking to complete the other part of Hiro’s fast-forward into the future: the murder of Isaac Mendez. However, it appears that Mohinder is only playing dumb, which is the greatest logical leap the show has asked of me in weeks.

Hiro and Nathan have a chance greeting in LA; Hiro suffers from “Flying Man Interruptus” but gets it out in a different location as they forge further allegiance.

Claire, for some odd reason, continues to have her creepy crush on Peter Petrelli while at the airport, and makes a last-ditch effort to go save him as opposed to continuing safely with the Haitian.

Candace, our new young hero, proves to be quite useful on Bennet’s mission in New York; her ability is morph-a-rific.

Jessica spends some time bonding with Micah over the unreleased Heavenly Sword for PS3 (Just part one of the Sony whoring in the episode: U.S. residents still have reason to turn in for the Spider-Man 3 Preview). Meanwhile, D.L. chats with Jessica about the Nathan assassination as Niki tries to throw a wrench into her double’s fan.

Mohinder, having learned the truth about Sylar, decides to torture him for the purpose of scientific research. Sylar is quite adept, however, at manipulating Mohinder’s emotional weakenings.

Hiro visits with Javier from Felicity who curates the Linderman Museum of Mendez paintings and random artifacts, and meets with an old friend who didn’t quite understand that 754-1 still gives you 753.

Nathan’s backup plan in dealing with Linderman runs into a little hitch as Jessica makes her move on his life.

Remember how the show asked us to think Mohinder was smart? Well, even it couldn’t keep a straight face for the entire episode on that one.

Isaac decides to prophesize his own future for a change…it’s not pretty.

The whole Niki/Jessica thing becomes really confusing for Nathan, who isn’t quite understanding it.

There’s an earlier point in the episode where Candace compliments Mrs. Bennet on her hair…make note of that around the 45 minute mark.

Hiro finally regains his ability to ignore that whole “time” thing later in the episode. His location of choice, however, could perhaps have been a bit better.

Claire makes it to New York, and when she arrives she finds that she has a bit of a mysterious benefactor who’s trying to keep her safe.

Nathan hits a girl.

If you were holding a secret meeting with a political candidate, where would you have it? Apparently, for Linderman, it’s in a hotel kitchen.

Linderman’s first words: “Do you enjoy vegetables, Mr. Petrelli” A Clockwork Orange this ain’t, as he enjoys cooking. He reminds me most of Malcolm McDowell’s character on Entourage.

Linderman ends the episode by making a proposition to an angry Nathan: considering his flying, Peter’s problem, his illegitimate daughter, and “all the others like you.” He has big plans for Nathan, bigger than he could possible imagine.

At episode’s end Peter enters Mohinder’s apartment to find Mohinder in a precarious position. We end on a chunk of hair falling to the floor amongst droplets of blood.

I’ll withhold my opinions until this week’s Superpower Bauer Hour, so stay tuned until Tuesday Afternoon!

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