American Idol’s ‘Crying Girl’

Tonight’s episode of American Idol had its usual range of performances. Melinda finished the show off strong, Blake tried to mix things up a little (And honestly, I don’t think he has the range to sing that chorus), and most performers certainly did better than in recent weeks. However, despite it being British Invasion Night, it didn’t seem like that was the theme at all. Because, you see, the real theme was: “Aww, look at the crying girl!”

I don’t believe we got the girl’s name [Ed. – It was apparently Ashley. They didn’t mention it very often.], but Ryan felt like pointing out the amount she was crying during all performances. She’s your usual little cutie-pie, even with the stereotypical pigtails. As her favourite, Sanjaya, took the stage, she couldn’t contain her tears. While the audience struggled to find the melody, the tune or the singing, period, within the song, she seemed content to cry and ogle his…hair? I don’t know what makes him cute, he’s so strange.

After the performance, Sanjaya headed into the crowd to hug her, and she had her little moment in the spotlight. Now, to this point, the show was certainly turning to her for an emotional tug, which is something which I discussed during the audition episodes. However, they weren’t done yet! As a I sat down to write this blog post during Melinda’s performance, they cut to her again! She was balling, of course, and while I know ‘Oliver!’ is kind of sad I don’t think it’s nearly that depressive. By this point, I was convinced that they should seriously consider psychological counselling for this girl. It can’t be healthy.

But the show disagreed, and Ryan (Of course) dragged her onto the stage at the end of the show to meet everyone. While there are certainly some positive memories to this story (Although I doubt meeting Haley Scranato will resonate into her adult years), I think we have to consider to what degree this poor girl was taken advantage of for the purpose of the show. Did we really need to see her at every interval of the show? Did she deserve to be paraded in front of the camera in this light, just because she isn’t capable of holding in her apparent excitement at being at the taping?

Personally, while she might think this is “OMG Awesome” now, I think that Future Crying Girl will look back and feel used and taken advantage of by the producers. And she’ll wonder how the heck she thought Sanjaya was a good singer.


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3 responses to “American Idol’s ‘Crying Girl’

  1. I think it’s little girls like Ashley keeping Sanjaya going each week. So many kids have cell phones and can vote/text there’s no way to keep them from voting even if you’re supposed to be “18 to vote”.

  2. Sarah

    The real story behind Ashley is that she is a 13 year old girl (yes, 13) who won a trip to the taping of “Smarter than a Fifth Grader”, which included tickets to the dress rehearsal for last night’s AI. At the dress rehearsal she started her blubbering, and the producers asked if she would come to the taping so that they could put a camera on her and capture all her unbridled emotion for Sanjaya (whom I hate with every fibre of my being) and the rest.

    Pretty sad.

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