Box Office (3/30-4/1) – Friday Estimates, Weekend Projections

Box Office Estimates and Projections

‘Blades’ achieves Box Office ‘Glory’

Friday, March 30th (

1. Blades of Glory – $12,065,000

2. Meet the Robinsons – $7,630,000

3. 300 – $3,380,000

4. Shooter – $2,525,000

5. TMNT – $2,520,000

Will Ferrell’s comedy vehicle ‘Blades of Glory’ easily skated away with the Friday box office battle, unsurprising considering the current lack of competition in the teen laugher category. Tracking higher than this year’s ‘Norbit’, the film looks to rack up a fair chunk of change. Disney’s ‘Meet the Robinsons’ is certainly not a bomb, looking to gross fairly well at the box office, but it is growing increasingly clearer that Disney just doesn’t have the same clout it used to. Meanwhile, the continued success of ‘300’, the decent 47% drop of Shooter, and the disastrous 71% drop for TMNT round out the Top 5. Projections are below.

Weekend Projections

1. Blades of Glory – $37.7 Million

2. Meet the Robinsons – $27.4 Million

3. 300 – $12.3 Million

4. TMNT – $9.5 Million

5. Shooter – $8.2 Million

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