Lost – “D.O.C.” Recap

Six Questions About “D.O.C.”

1. Okay, what does D.O.C. stand for?

Date of Conception, which is an important distinction to the episode. You see, if you conceive a child off the island (Rousseau, Claire), you’ll be a-ok. If you did so on the island, well, it’s kind of up in the air. This distinction is explained by Juliet, who appears to have secret knowledge relating to the “abandoned” medical hatch.

2. So how’s the sex life on the island?

Well, let’s think back to who exactly has had sex on the island. We’ve got Jin/Sun (Although we never really saw that coupling), clearly, considering the result of the ultrasound, but what about Kate/Sawyer? The end of the episode seems to indicate that Kate might be pregnant as well. And if that’s the case, would Ana Lucia have been pregnant should she have not been, well, shot? And what does this mean for pretty well anyone who has sex? I assume that people are having sex on the island (Come on, it’s been a long time now), so does this mean that there is a whole lot of pregnant women walking around? It raises a lot of interesting questions.

3. Is Juliet’s motivation any clearer?

Yeah, not so much. Although, at the episode’s end, we get a fairly substantial glimpse into her true emotions…while at the same time confirming her greatest motivation is in the hands of Ben and the Others. We still, however, don’t know why she’s working with him even in her apparent distain for every fiber of his being. The episode certainly showed that she is certainly still going along with Ben’s plan, but yet she doesn’t seem to be as much of a true believer as we saw in “One of Us” two weeks ago. It’s still very, very vague.

4. Who is this parachute girl exactly?

We still don’t have an answer to this question, let’s be fair. We know that she speaks a whole bunch of different languages, we know that she seems to know a lot about Oceanic 815, but we’re currently missing a name, an identity, and an answer to our questions about why she knew Desmond’s name, why she had a copy of the photo. We got a few new questions, if anything, as opposed to any sort of answers. It was somewhat overshadowed, though, by the fact that Mikhail came back from the dead to save her life. I am much more interested in his miraculous recovery from apparently having his brain blown out than I am about this woman.

5. Is Jin and Sun’s Back Story any interesting?

I’d argue it is, but I worry that it’s a little bit repetitive. I think, though, that it did a good job of reflecting the episode’s themes (Unsure as to her relationship with Jin, questions of the past coming back to haunt you, etc.) while having its own little narrative. This was a big episode for Sun’s character, and I think that her concern over Jin’s past showed some strong development. The arc of the story flowed well, and showed the level to which she wants their relationship to work; she basically sacrificed their marriage over it. Their story is a fantastic tragedy, and this episode continued this.

6. Any big revelations?

YES. Okay, this blew my mind. You know how so many times people have these crazy adventures, and then they don’t actually TELL anyone else about it, so it’s like this big secret. Well, in this episode, they revealed that they DO talk. In fact, they knew a lot of details about it. Honestly, this is kind of mind blowing for me. They should do this more often.

…oh, you mean other than that? Well, there was sort of the fact that Oceanic Flight 815 was already discovered. They found the plane. There was no survivors. Naomi (Parachute Girl)? She’s totally just there for Desmond, not these apparently dead people. That’s kind of intense, really…but I’m more impressed that they actually communicated. That’s a breakthrough right there.

But these questions don’t cover everything in the episode, although it does cover most of it. Much like last week, this episode was really quite centered on Sun/Jin and didn’t deal with a broad range of issues or anything. If you want all the details, however, continue reading for a full recap.

Previously on Lost…Sun was pregnant. And, well, other things happened. But since this is Jin and Sun’s story, that’s really the important point, since we know what happens to pregnant women on the island.

We open to Sun gardening, and someone is walking up to her…it’s Jack! He’s here to check on the baby. She assured him things are fine, but Jack has a lot of questions: sickness, cramps, bleeding (!). Sun doesn’t like that last question, and feels that something is up. Jack assures her he is just making up for lost time, but Sun isn’t convinced as we head into her past.

Sun is on the cell phone with Jin from their apartment, and Sun is still getting used to hearing Mrs. Kwon and her new linens. Sun sits down next to a woman who has a paper with her marriage announcement in it. The woman notes that she’s part of a very powerful family, and the woman has some dirt on Jin. A lot of dirt. And will return in five days at 5pm for $100,000. In order to keep the fact that Jin was the son of a fisherman and a PROSTITUTE. Harsh.

Meanwhile, in reality, Jin is spending some time with the not so dead woman who recently fell from the sky. She is speaking Spanish, it seems, and she says that she’s dying…thanks to a branch currently protruding from her ribcage. This is rather harsh, and Hurley heads off in an attempt to find something…but Desmond is not allowing for them to move the body. Desmond decides to run off, which Charlie poo-poos thanks to the whole Others factor, and then Hurley makes their decision for them by firing a flare gun into the air. This will probably lead Jack and company in their direction, sure, but it will also alert the far more dangerous part of things. Hurley summarizes…”oops.”


Jin returns to the apartment with tofu soup (Ew.) and Jin uses some sexy talk to distract Sun from packing…but she buzzkills it with some talk of family pictures. She’s starting to question Jin’s “My parents are dead, that’s why you can’t meet them” story, and he’s not having any of it. He assures her he isn’t lying. She knows otherwise.

Sun is spending some time with Kate, and asks Kate what’s up with Jack lately. Oh, the stories Jack could tell you, Sun…but Kate sticks with the official story of Jack collaborating only to get off the island. Sun isn’t buying it, though, and is beginning to feel paranoid of the Others’ baby-loving ways. Kate isn’t able to keep her mouth shut forever, though, and notes that Juliet is a fertility doctor and that Claire’s baby was being abducted for research.

Sun is not impressed. She decides to confront Juliet, and does so in a very powerful way. She wants answers. She wants to know why they’re taking children. She wants answers, damnit. What happens to pregnant women on this island? Juliet answers: “They die.” Harsh.

Our mystery girl is spending some time lying on the ground writhing in pain, and Desmond decides to leave them to go and get help…well, help is coming for them. And then someone stops by…it’s Mikhail. Who was supposed to have been Sonic boomed weeks ago. Interesting.

The thing is that none of these people were present at that point were actually there for that, which makes this less awkward. Mikhail, however, isn’t risking anything and immediately runs away. Jin, by instinct, runs off into the woods and uses his extreme fighting skills (As developed in his years of tough guyery for Sun’s father). However, for once, it appears that the people on the island actually TOLD SOMEONE ELSE WHAT HAPPENED. This is amazing. Hurley and Charlie know the story of the pirate man, it seems, and call him out as an Other. Mikhail doesn’t want to die (Twice in one week ain’t cool) and offers to work to help save the girl through his Russian Field Medic Skills. Desmond lets him do it; he wants answers.

In a small fishing community, Sun comes across Jin’s father. She is not quite dressed for the area…and the man knows who she is. It appears that Jin has been in contact with him, which is very much an issue for Sun. Jin’s father wasn’t at the wedding for a reason…and then Sun tells him that his son told her he was dead. That’s harsh. Mr. Kwon is very much disturbed by this, but Sun notes that he did the same to Jin when he was young. His mother, the prostitute, was with many men…and Mr. Kwon was the only one who was willing to take care of the child. However, even as they share this moment, he notes that they must never tell Jin any of it. It would only bring him more shame.

It’s nighttime on the beach, and Juliet stops by Sun’s tent and clamps her hand over her mouth. She tells her she has answers. She tells her she should come with her. Sun notes that she’s in a way already dead, but Juliet believes that there is hope yet. Sun takes her hand, and they head into the night.

With their torches lit Sun and Juliet head out into the medical facility. Sun notes that it was kind of empty last time around, but Juliet is trying to consider the D.O.C. (Date of Conception). There’s an ultrasound machine in the medical hatch, you see, and it can provide this information. Off the island? A-ok. On the island? Insta-death.

Sun stops by her father’s office for a short visit. She receives a few congratulations from random businessmen, who just up and leave upon her arrival. Sun has a favour to ask him…wow, seriously? She’s going to ask for the money from him? That’s harsh. She really wants to keep this a secret. Mr. Paik clearly wants an answer, and Sun lets it all out: how she’s been pretending for years as to what he does, as to his dealings, and how she’ll keep pretending if she gets this money. Mr. Paik thinks it has something to do with Jin, and he’s sort of right…but then pulls out $100,000 from a safe. But he gives her the money with a caveat; Jin is no longer a floor manager, but works personally for him. Killing people. Harsh.

Meanwhile, Mikhail is working over the girl and preparing for some form of surgery. She is less than cooperative…and then kind of syringes out some blood in a strange, violent way. She is saying something, something that Mikhail understands even though his explanation leaves something to be desired. She seems to be out of harm’s way, however.

Juliet and Sun have arrives at the medical hach, and a scary dark tunnel is perhaps not the most likely place that Sun was thinking she’d be in. Still, she wants answers. The lighting is still just as creepy as it’s been before….but Juliet knows where the lights are. Sun takes a moment to wonder why Juliet is helping her…and Juliet ponders this question. She decides to go for a personal anecdote about her experience as a fertility doctor. First, it was about good news. Now, it’s about losing nine patients over the last few years, and she wants to finally give good news again. Or, you know, steal her baby for the Others. Sun also takes some time to reminisce about her past affair, which has always been a question for her. She and Jin were having trouble (Thanks to her blackmail mistake, really). Sun is ready; they’re heading to the ultrasound machine.

Juliet reaches into a locker and pulls a giant lever, whichc reveals a passageway into a secret ultrasound room. It has a sink, a crib, everything! Sun asks why it’s hidden, a good question…and Juliet totally doesn’t give her an answer. What is this place? It’s where they brought the women to die. Dreary.

Mikhail, meanwhile, is spending some time trying to steal the satellite phone from them as he departs. Desmond doesn’t accept Charlie’s anger, however, and decides to let Mikhail go as they had agreed. The Charlie/Desmond rift continues.

Sun, meanwhile, tells Juliet that it couldn’t possibly be Jin’s baby. The doctor said that Jin was infertile, and then they came here. Juliet, you see, notes that Male sperm counts become 5x that of the normal male sperm count. So, in other words, even Jin wouldn’t be shooting blanks. Sun has all sorts of questions about how this works, and the D.O.C. will be established through length. And, sticking with the theme of a Catch-22, Sun is screwed either way; on one hand, she dies but it’s Jin’s. Or, it’s not Jin’s, and she lives with the trauma of it all.

Sun is struggling in the past with these themes as well, as she makes the bed when Jin returns. She makes the terrible mistake of telling Jin to get the mail key from her purse, which has the $100,000 in it. Jin thinks that she asked for the money in order to overcome Jin’s inability to provide her with the money, which is just making her feel even worse about it. He tells her to give it back, as he doesn’t want to be in her father’s debt. Sun loves him, madly, so this hurts. She doesn’t really answer his question, however.

Sun sits for her ultrasound, as Juliet awaits an image. And sure enough, there’s an image! There’s her baby. And Sun is happy, even with Juliet’s shady dealings in play. Now, it’s time for the verdict…and it’s the kind of good news. It’s that it’s Jin’s baby. She’s happy, in a way. It’s Jin’s baby. The island gave her what she always wanted, a future with her husband. However, she also happened to get an imminent death, but I figure stick to the positive on this one.

Sun has arrived to visit with her blackmailer, and the women seems to believe that Sun is late. She has her money, you see, and is feeling rather guilty about it…until we realize that this woman is totally Jin’s mother. Which is just wow. Sun is pissed that this woman is so evil and cowardly, but leaves the money with her anyways. She claims not to be his mother, just the woman who gave birth to him. That’s kind of harsh, Ms. Prostitute.

Meanwhile, it’s daytime at the medical hatch as Juliet and Sun exit into the jungle. Sun asks how long she has, and it was in the middle of the 2nd trimester when things start to occur. Start the countdown, folks: two months to live! And yet, this is good news for Sun: it is two months of happiness. Juliet says she’s going to head back in to check on a few things, and Sun says she’ll wait outside…and then thanks her. And yet remains suspicious, very suspicious, and doesn’t quite stay without reservations.

Juliet takes a tape recorder from a locker and leaves a message for Ben that gives him the details on Sun’s pregnancy and that she’ll have more samples soon, starting with Kate Austen’s. And then, after stopping the message, she tells Ben she hates him. Fighting words.

Meanwhile, Desmond notes as they attempt to piece together the parachute that the Others can’t be too evil since the castaways have really killed more of the Others. Charlie is angry at this, but we cut to Hurley chatting up our parachutee. She wakes up, speaking English now, and asks where she is. Hurley fills her in on the details (Flight 815, crashed, found a hatch, food dropped from the sky, etc.), but she stops him: they couldn’t have been on Oceanic Flight 815. You see, they found the plane. They found the flight. There were no survivors.


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