What Should You Watch Tonight? – Friday April 27th

Let’s face it, the Box Office race isn’t too interesting this weekend (Nicholas Cage’s Next, Stone Cold Steve Austin’s The Condemned and Justin Chatwin’s (Locke’s FBI-investigator grow-up friend on “Lost”) The Invisible), so I figure that a night in with some television might well be in order. As a result, here’s three picks for the evening’s TV lineup.

8pm – Six Degrees (Online at ABC.com)

Sure, it might not be on your television, but it’s something new to watch if you were a fan of the ABC drama during its initial run. Unable to take advantage of its Grey’s Anatomy lead-in, the show was shelved to the side months ago and even after a brief return on Fridays found no traction. As a result, ABC has decided to stick with Grey’s Anatomy repeats (A show which does NOT repeat well) instead. Still, for those craving something, head to ABC.com today to check it out.

9pm – Raines (“Season” Finale)

I use airquotes because, barring some form of circumstance we are unaware of, a second season for Raines is just a psychotic image in the mind of the show’s lead character. The pilot didn’t capture me, and the show’s early cut to only 7 episodes didn’t really help either. It just didn’t connect with viewers, and NBC will be looking for something else to fill this timeslot. For those who enjoyed the show, however, it gives its likely swan song tonight.

10pm – Law & Order

In what could be its last back of new episodes, Law & Order returns from a hiatus with an episode that commercials promise will be classic Law & Order. Something to do with asylum and something crazy that happens. All I know is that my Law & Order piece couldn’t be much more true at this point; Criminal Intent is doing an Astronaut attempted murder/kidnapping story on Tuesday, which is entirely played out in the media. We’ll see if these kind of problems lead to the downfall of the Mothership, in which case this could be our last batch of new episodes.

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