The Superpower Bauer Hour Showdown: Special “HD” Edition

This is, indeed, a special edition of the Superpower Bauer Hour, one which annoys me to no end. You see, while the old Superpower Bauer Hour Showdown was designed to see which of the two shows was better in terms of quality and ratings, this is a different showdown. While I failed to bring the showdown back thanks to, well, my complete disinterest in 24, this evening presents a new kind of showdown: which of these two shows shall be watched in HD?

You see, Global (Canadian TV Network for those unaware) has been airing Heroes an hour earlier (8pm EST), as it has to air 24 as well. This has been great for Canadian fans who want to get their Heroes fix as soon as possible…at least I thought so until last Monday evening. When, at 9pm Atlantic Time, I turned to Global HD to find Heroes…

in Standard Definition.

I was shocked and appalled by this. I don’t know if this is a regular occurence, but the only reason I can come up with is that Global is too cheap to spring for HD broadcasts of its own so it simulcasts the NBC feeds…and those aren’t available in the earlier time slot. No matter the explanation, I’m not impressed. It’s yet another reason (On top of terrible promos, graphics, programming decisions, newcasts, etc.) that Global is far inferior to CTV when it comes to the major simulcasting Canadian network battle.However, either way, this puts me in a tough position.

In one corner, there is tonight’s episode of Heroes, “The Hard Part.” On one hand, we’re now so close to the finale that every episode of Heroes counts. In this case, it appears that we get the Hiro/Sylar battle that has been foreshadowed the past two weeks…although it doesn’t look like much of a battle from the previews. My big issue is that this episode is going to be a huge shift in pacing. We go from an epic hour-long ride through the future and end up at…basically an hour of setup for the finale, if my forecast is correct. I think we’ll be waiting until next week (The first part of the finale, so to speak) for anything really impressive, so what’s waiting a day to watch it?

Meanwhile, 24 appears to be coming to the table with an episode that perhaps lifts it out of its recent funk; apparently, “2:00am to 3:00am” is the prime time for a group of renegades to burst into CTU with guns a-blazin’. This sounds infinitely more exciting than anything the show has done recently, and I don’t even have any context for it. Still, I’m bored and disconnected from the season, so why would I choose to watch it in HD instead? Well, for starters, it would let me watch Heroes earlier, and thus get a recap done sooner. And, second, my parents (Who are kind of, you know, the owners of the television) are still hooked on 24.

Still, watching Heroes in HD just seems like the more logical option to me. Here’s hoping that Global comes to their senses and airs it in HD, but I doubt it. As a result, an internal Superpower Bauer Hour Showdown shall commence. Who will emerge victorious?

Only time will tell.

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