Cultural News Bytes: Law & Order to TNT, ‘Idol’ Blake’s Obscure Bee Gees selection

Cable Bound: Law & Order moving to TNT?

This is the word according to Entertainment Weekly, via some published reports. Considering that TNT is currently simulcasting the hell out of Law & Order, being the home of original episodes wouldn’t exactly be outside of its comfort zone. I’m kind of proud of my 3,000 Word Epic on Law & Order’s fall from grace, and it’s interesting to see this saga continue. This is the 2nd show that NBC is faced with the question of renewal with where another network/cable station is waiting in the wings: the same situation goes for Scrubs, which ABC is interested in. Personally, I think that Law & Order has enough of a fanbase on TNT to make one final season worthwhile, and it would be interesting to see whether they might consider extending the franchise with small-scale original episodes after that point. With a much smaller budget, I think a weekly new episode featuring just some of the cast would be an interesting experiment for the cable network. This is also good new for Criminal Intent, which could get a pickup should the mothership find itself another home. I doubt that NBC is willing to give up to CSI: that easily, no?

Blake Picks A Modern Bee Gees song; Psychiatrist Called In

Let’s face it, even Barry Gibb was surprised by Blake Lewis‘ choice to perform “This is Where I Came In,” the title track from the Bee Gees’ album of the same name, on tonight’s episode of American Idol. It went nowhere as a single (Although I in all my youth actually remember it quite well), but apparently Blake saw an opportunity to turn it into a Ska beatboxing hit. I personally felt that all of Blake’s beatboxing felt tacked on tonight, but the fact remains that it’s at least original compared to LaKisha’s shouting.
But, for all of you who haven’t heard this Bee Gees song, here’s the video via YouTube (Which came in handy tonight, let me tell you).

However, before I go, one more video. Before Melinda’s show opening performance of Love You Inside Out, Barry Gibb said it was a challenge to take a song written for a group and turn it into a solo song. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he is aware of the lovely Leslie Feist’s amazing rendition of the song (Retitled ‘Inside & Out’). She turned it into a hit, Juno-nominated single in Canada, and I think that her version is everything Melinda’s wasn’t: unique, interesting and nuanced. So, to end things, here’s Feist kicking Melinda’s ass.

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