Group Writing Project Update: Day 4 Highlights

So, as you may have noticed, I had a Top 5 yesterday for ProBlogger’s Group Writing Project. And, since it’s a “Group” writing project, there’s over a thousand entries. I featured six of them yesterday, and there’s another five today I think are worth some time.

First, Jason Griffin at TVAholic runs down the 5 “bubble shows” which he wants to see renewed this week, which is conveniently timed to my Upfront Extravaganza. I agree with some of his choices, and one has even already been renewed, but the fact remains that everything is still up in the air.

At Toon Brew, meanwhile, Neal runs down his Five Favourite Comic Book Characters. His #1 is okay with me, but the rest of the list makes me feel bad for remaining so very disconnected from comic strips outside of my core three. Expanding that horizon might be a project for when I’m really bored at some point, and perhaps some further comic book purchases are in order.

On the music side of things, JesterTunes has a list of Five Songs That Make Jester Happy. I’ve added my own songs to their list in the comments section, and I think that happy music is something everyone should have. The most recent addition to my Happy playlist is John Lennon’s “Instant Karma.”

Meanwhile, Alan over at Big Ugly Couch runs down what everyone who has ever made a powerpoint needs to read right now. Seriously, people, I’ve sat through too many excruciating presentations to let you go on like this. Alan’s five suggestions are so bloody simple, and yet so categorically ignored. I’ll also add that, in my view, whether it’s a discussion class or not, I want to see a thesis for your argument or a summary of your point, not just random questions. *Shakes Fist*

ScribbleKing, meanwhile, has an interesting argument regarding why studios should stop making big-budget films. He’s right, on a lot of accounts, but I worry that it’s too idealist. I think that as long as an audience exists for and a studio-mentality supports such films, there really isn’t much of a chance of that trend ending any time soon.

For the rest of the entries, head over to ProBlogger. There’s some really interesting stuff there, entertainment-related or not.


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7 responses to “Group Writing Project Update: Day 4 Highlights

  1. Myles – thanks for the props. It’s funny how simple things often get ignored in life. I’m glad I found out about this problogger contest so I could spread the tips.

    (btw – it’s the bigUGLYcouch. 🙂 I don’t want to get in trouble for copyright infringement on the title of a really bad kid’s show.)

  2. …while I sincerely apologize for the rather unfortunate error, at the same time? A great Freudian slip that I’m mildly proud of.

  3. no worries. all is forgiven.

  4. Thanks for the link love! Your suggestions were great, too. 🙂

  5. Thanks for the shout out. So what are the core three? 🙂

  6. Ah yes, did I leave that purposely vague? I think I did.
    FoxTrot for simple gags with a sprinkling of pop cultural references.
    Zits for reflecting my real life in really quite creepy ways, especially in the interaction between parents/child.
    For Better or For Worse for long-term storytelling. I buy the books, and it’s just always really fascinating to return to them and watch real character arcs take place. It’s rarely “funny”, but it’s a different kind of read.

  7. Thanks for the link to the “Five TV Shows on the Bubble That Should Be Saved.” I really enjoyed your contribution to the group writing project about the best supporting characters on The Office.

    I probably would have thrown Kevin in instead of Jan, but you can’t deny her importance in the overall story for giving Michael many an opportunity to say something stupid and cringingly funny at the same time.

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