Why the ‘Survivor: Fiji’ Finale (But Not the Winner) Made Me Really, Really Angry

I must admit that the ‘Survivor: Fiji’ Finale was one of the best in recent years, with a wide range of twists, turns, drama and a tribal council with the usual amount of really, really frustrating comments that make me want to strangle these people. And yet, in the end, I was mostly angry. Really, really angry.

WARNING: Spoilers for the finale will be found within. Be warned.


No, I’m not angry about Dreamz refusing to give Yao Man the immunity idol. That was playing the game, in the end, and we can’t fault someone for doing it. It was a bold move, sure, but it only broke a good faith agreement. I can’t be angry about this, really, and neither can the other castaways.

However, it never happens that way. Invariably, at the final Tribal Council (In which Earl, Cassandra and Dreamz all took part) the jury stands up and proceeds to make complete imbeciles out of themselves, ignoring all reality and being ridiculously self-centered in their analysis. It is these people who make me angry, and it is these people who frustrate me to no end.

The worst offender is Alex, who decided that this was a law trial and that he should badger these people. It was a sad display as he ripped into Cassandra of all people, who he must have known had no shot and didn’t really have anything to do with this game. He kept attacking her, and attacking her, and it just never made sense. He actually had reason to attack Dreamz, who had turned his back on his alliance, but attacking Cassandra was just a blatant attempt to draw attention to himself.

At least Alex has half-intelligent in what he was saying: Jeff could only stare at Lisi in wonder as she rambled on and on without any real point, attacking Cassandra and Dreamz for…I don’t even know. She attacked Cassandra for her crappy water shoes (Yes, her water shoes), challenged Dreamz on whether he knew how many Zeroes were in a million (Which was just insulting) and then really didn’t even have anything to say to Earl. I honestly don’t know what goes on in her head.

Edgardo and Mookie, however, did a better job of attacking Dreamz, and did it the right way: they asked him if he screwed them, he said he did, and they pointed out how annoying that was. Dreamz was then shown to be the relatively incompetent individual he is, as he claimed that telling the other team about the immunity idol was not a betrayal (Uh, yeah, it is). This is good jury strategy: ask questions which challenge the final three, not verbally assault them with your own petty problems.

Boo was an interesting case. Earlier, he shot himself in the foot by basically telling the rest of his tribe that he was playing all sorts of sides, and couldn’t really be trusted. Then, however, he showed up at Tribal Council and was talking about Dreamz being a poor Christian…which came out of nowhere, and seemed a bit harsh. I get where he was going, but the Christian overtones were a bit much.

However, respect for Yao Man for asking questions and admitting that he had sealed his own fate in the end. He put trust in someone within the game of Survivor, and that’s a fatal flaw.

In the end, the winner of the proceedings was predictable: Earl pissed off the least people, stayed strong in the entire game, and played it well until the end even without individual immunity. Voting out Yao Man was not nice, no, but it was incredibly smart and showed his ability to play the game when it counted. After Dreamz clearly pissed off pretty well everyone, it was almost a foregone conclusion that Earl would win. However, Earl’s complete 9-0 shutout gives me some faith that these people have decent heads on their shoulders.

Still, I really hope I run into Lisi on the street so I can yell at her about her shoes. “You’ve got no arch support, you don’t deserve to be able to use your legs!”


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2 responses to “Why the ‘Survivor: Fiji’ Finale (But Not the Winner) Made Me Really, Really Angry

  1. This is bang on. I could not believe how self-pitying and self righteous the jury was. How does yelling at the final three change ANYTHING? While I was disapoointed to see Yao-Man go, it made perfect sense on Dreamz and Earl’s part. Yao-Man knew it too.

    my shows are running out.

  2. Well, Studio 60 is coming back, and FOX has promised to bring back those six episodes of The Loop at some point (Bringing the entire series to all of 13 I think, over two seasons).

    I’ve personally gone on a DVD and “DVD” buying/acquiring kick over the past weekend, and will be catching up with some stuff over the summer.

    And yeah…I don’t think I emphasized this enough, but seeing Yao Man presenting his case while part of the Jury was really, really freakin’ sad. He shoulda been a contendah.

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