Network Upfronts Extravaganza: One Tree Hill, Supernatural Renewed

As a special treat for the One Tree Hill fans flocking to the website in the wake of the recent upfronts. This is from Variety:

That would mean a new time slot is in store for “One Tree Hill, which skated to a renewal.

However, that’s not all the news that Variety offers this morning. They’ve also got the scoop on The CW’s possible scheduling plans and their likely pickup of another bubble drama:

“Reaper” may well get the post-“Smallville” 9 p.m. Thursday slot now held by “Supernatural,” which is expected to graduate to a third season. “Gossip Girl” sounds tailor-made for the post “America’s Next Top Model” berth on Wednesdays.

Yep, Supernatural definitely seems like a sure thing, although it is likely to move timeslots (I think Monday is its best bet, but they seem insistent on keeping their comedies there for pretty much no reason). And yes, as I predicted, Gossip Girl is likely to air after ANTM on Wednesdays. Reaper, meanwhile, needs to get itself away from that Grey’s/CSI spot, especially with The Office officially there full-time. Reaper needs a chance to succeed, so the better idea would be to move another show into the slot and hope for the best instead of wasting a pilot.

All of The CW’s final details will be unveiled on Thursday when they present their full upfront presentation: we’ll have all the news as it breaks over the coming days.


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4 responses to “Network Upfronts Extravaganza: One Tree Hill, Supernatural Renewed

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  3. karlie

    omg! im sooooo happy one tree hill is having another season!! its me and my friends favorite show and i just know that all the people who signed petitions and tried their hardest to get the cw to give oth another season will be so happy!

  4. Sash

    Woo, go OTH, as long as the timeslot they get isn’t Sunday’s or Thursday at 9pm, I’m happy. Else, I’m going to be missing either DH or GA

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