Network Upfronts Extravaganza – ‘The CW’ Update (OTH at Midseason)

Well, it looks like there’s some more news on The CW front…and it’s a different schedule altogether. Head to Variety for all the details, but for now here’s the RUMOURED schedule.

– Mondays will remain Comedy Night (Which is a mistake against CBS’ similar lineup, and when you consider that they’re owned by the same people it makes even less sense, but whatever) with Everybody Loves Chris, Aliens in America, Girlfriends and The Game.

– Tuesdays will open with Beauty and the Geek and segue into new dramedy Reaper in the spot currently occupied by Veronica Mars

– Wednesday will feature the expected lineup: American’s Next Top Model and Gossip Girl

– Thursday stays the same, with Supernatural sticking onto its tough slot now facing CSI, Grey’s Anatomy AND The Office, with its Smallville lead-in.

– Friday is Smackdown! and Sunday features Wild at Heart as well as ANTM reruns.

– Where’s One Tree Hill, you ask? Well, it’s apparently being held for midseason so it can air 22 uninterrupted episodes like Lost and 24.

EDIT: Final details are out, via Variety:

“Meanwhile, with “One Tree Hill” on the bench, net said show will be dramatically retooled and set four years into the future — after the characters have already graduated from college — when it returns in midseason. Net will post online diaries on its website in the fall to fill viewers in on what happened to the show’s characters during those missing years.”

The fate of Veronica Mars remains uncertain, but with Beauty & the Geek in on Tuesdays there’s certainly a slot open for the show should it return alongside One Tree Hill in the new year.


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12 responses to “Network Upfronts Extravaganza – ‘The CW’ Update (OTH at Midseason)

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  2. Tia

    Please Bring 7th Heaven for Mid-season

  3. Dave

    Brink Back Veronica Mars and Please Bring 7th Heaven for a mid season I hate the line up 7th Heaven Mid season.

  4. Dave

    i’m not watching the cw this year i’m off to nbc and abc 7th heaven should have mid season i agree with that since that show is not on the line up forget it

  5. Tanya

    I’m done with this channel no 7th heaven or at least a marthie spinoff

  6. Sarah

    One tree hill should not have a mid season it should be on for 22 episodes and 7th heaven should have a mid season

  7. Sid

    Bring 7th Heaven Back it ended horrible martin and ruthie didn’t get together

  8. Time

    I’m happy supernatural and smallville is back but i do think 7th heaven need a mid season for it could wrap up good or at least with martin and ruthie getting together a spinoff show or something.

  9. nancy

    bring 7th heaven back for mid season

  10. randisse

    i’ve called and preyed for 7th heaven to come back so i hope it worked i agree with everyone bring 7th heaven for mid season if seventh heaven would’ve endend with marthie together i would’ve been fine but no.

  11. Laura

    this goes out to all you people saying to bring back 7th Heaven. As a fan of the show I agree it would be nice, but this was it’s FINAL season. 11 years is a long time for a family show.

    And I too wish they would bring back Veronica Mars. I had no idea this was it’s last season. They aren’t even advertising next week’s finale as a ‘Series Finale’ they’re advertising it as a ‘Season Finale’. So what the heck is up with that?!

  12. I think 7th heaven should come back, and Ruthie and Martin should get together!

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