Reviewing the Finales: Scrubs – “My Rabbit / My Point of No Return”

Scrubs has ended its sixth season with a cliffhanger that would have been a terrible, terrible end to the series, should it have not been renewed earlier this week. And yet, still, it wasn’t really much of a season finale either. The show has been asking us to accept something at the end of this season, and without it the entire thing falls apart. Scrubs is asking its audience to accept that J.D. and Elliot are mean to be together…and I don’t think they are, and I don’t think the show can convince me of it. But, try they did within “My Rabbit /My Point of No Return.”

I don’t really have anything substantial to say about the contents of the episodes. Elliot’s a demanding bride? Who knew! J.D. ends up back with Kim? You don’t say! Why, is that…why yes, it’s Dr. Cox being weird about J.D. being his daughter’s godfather. I couldn’t see it coming. The episode was just blah across the board, and in what was the official “finale” half hour it didn’t get any better: especially lame was the Janitor’s storyline with Keith which went nowhere.

And there’s the problem: Keith has never gone anywhere. He’s nothing but a sweet, innocent, naïve little former intern who has been Elliot’s boyfriend and nothing else for a good two seasons. I feel as if their relationship is like a delicate flower, but a very pretty one. It has been built to conveniently fall apart if they want it to, but still seems quite good. My problem with this is that they’ve gone a step too far; Elliot, faced with marrying him, is understandably timid, but she can’t just back down now. He’s a decent guy, not deserving of that type of treatment.

Similarly, J.D.’s relationship with Kim is the same thing. Yeah, sure, she did something terrible, but she’s pregnant so he can’t dump her. Unless she’s been faking it all along, which is highly unlikely, or loses the baby, he can’t leave her. That just isn’t an option for his character or the storyline.

This is why I don’t buy J.D. and Elliot’s cliffhanger sorta kiss: it can’t happen. For them to do so would be something irrevocable, and something that would render them cold within the universe they’ve created. There’s been some betrayal, but nothing to that level on either of their parts. I don’t think it can happen, and the fact that I don’t think so kind of disconnected me from it all.

It reminds me of when Rory and Dean slept together while he was still married on Gilmore Girls. She was the other woman, he was an adulterer, and it was impossible to view them positively. And yet, the show let us do that. It treated them like the stupid kids they were, and the dramatic follow up was just as it should have been. Perhaps five seasons ago I would trust Scrubs with the same, but I don’t know how I could rebuild from this moment in its rather weak form that it finds itself in.

And so we end another season of Scrubs with an episode was unmemorable as the rest of it…which is rather unfortunate. And I can only hope that its last season can perhaps bring a return to simpler, better times.


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3 responses to “Reviewing the Finales: Scrubs – “My Rabbit / My Point of No Return”

  1. I agree with your comments on the JD/Elliot plot-line. I just can’t see them getting back together at this point, and I feel like the show shouldn’t go that way. But I do have to disagree with your comments about the humor being worn out or too similar to what we would expect out of the characters (i.e. Elliot being controlling, Dr. Cox being angry about the Godfather business, etc…). I think the show is doing a good job of presenting new situations that highlight the hilarious aspects of each character that we’ve watched for six seasons now.

  2. I think I would agree with you if this wasn’t season six, and season two instead. The problem is that these characters haven’t changed enough in the span of the last six years, or especially within the span of the last two or three. They can thrown them into new situations all they want, and they can come up with so very many of them, but if the character arcs are just repeats of past ones (Like Elliot’s relationship with every other guy who wasn’t J.D., or Dr. Cox and J.D.’s constant mentor bickering) it doesn’t remain fresh at all.

  3. adolfo castillo

    does anyone know the name of the song they play right when jd and elliot are about to hook up?

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