‘Lost’: Recap Show Tonight at 10pm EST, CTV Finale Scheduling

Although we’re still in the middle of Cultural Learnings’ Upfronts Extravaganza, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t other news to worry about. For example, today brings news regarding the upcoming finale of Lost that I figure people should be made aware of:

Lost: “The Answers” [10pm ABC]

– Tonight (May 17th) at 10pm on ABC, after the Grey’s Anatomy finale, ABC is going out of its way to try to pull back some viewers who have strayed from their other hit drama: Lost. In preparation for its finale next week, Lost airs a new recap show which will fill everyone in on what’s gone down in the island since they abandoned it in the Fall. For those who fall into this category: you’re in for a wild ride. There’s been only a few lukewarm hours since the show returned in February, and we’re heading towards a wild finale.

CTV Schedules the Lost Finale

For us Canadians, we’re often a bit spoiled with Lost. We usually get to see it two hours earlier than Americans thanks to CTV airing both it and American Idol. However, as much as we’ve enjoyed this in the past, it looks like we’re about to pay for it.

Thanks to NeoGAF user Olivier for alerting me to the fact that CTV is, for the Eastern and Western Time Zones, splitting the Lost finale into two halves and airing American Idol between them. Yes, that’s right: Lost begins at 7pm EST, American Idol airs from 8pm to 10pm, and then Lost returns to finish its finale. I swear, it’s right out of Alice in Wonderland, but “Through the Looking Glass” will be torn apart for its CTV airing in those timezones (And, therefore, in High Definition). For people in the Atlantic or Central Time Zones, the show will air uninterrupted (by other shows, anyways) from 7pm to 9pm.

This is an unsurprising move (Otherwise, it would have had to have been on at 6pm EST), but it’s still very frustrating because I’ll have to choose one of three options:

– Watch in Standard Def in Atlantic time zone.

– Watch in High-Definition split up

– Watch in High-Definition starting at 10 on ABC, and missing Idol’s 2nd hour to watch the unbroken version.

I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. For now, anticipation takes over.

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