Network Upfronts Extravaganza: Thursday Preview

Well, it’s officially the last manic day of the Network Upfronts, and yesterday pretty much brought all the news you’d expect from The CW, who presents at 10:30 EST. The upfront presentation will answer a few key questions, such as what the fate of Veronica Mars is. At this point, rumours place the network in a “wait and see” approach in regards to the FBI spinoff idea being floated, with them waiting until the June 15th deadline to pick up the show for creator Rob Thomas to finish a script for the concept.

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Meanwhile, there is a bit of news at FOX, as The Hollywood Reporter brings word that law series Canterbury’s Law has a showrunner, so it will be finding the fall schedule, and K-Ville (Post-Katrina New Orleans cop show) might be finding its way into 24’s timeslot for the fall season. Final word from FOX will come at 4pm, or earlier, when their full schedule is revealed.

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