Reviewing the Finales: Saturday Night Live (May 19th) – Zach Braff & Maroon 5

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I wasn’t actually able to watch Saturday Night Live, well, live. However, while my overall thoughts will have to wait, here’s some YouTube videos which are providing a bit of a preview. I’ll try to keep the videos alive over time, but I offer no promises.

[Special Thanks go out to YouTube user Wings1914 for another week of fantastic YouTube SNL work]

Zach Braff’s Monologue – A New Jersey State of Mind

I like it. It involves singing, actual comedy, thumbs up.

SNL Sigital Short – Rufus: Dog Love

Good use of dialogue, strong use of adorable dog, a bit gross in the end, but quality overall.

Reminiscing with The Band

This sketch is decent (We saw it a while back), but it’s really the exact same thing every single time. I only wish there was some variety.

Weekend Update

Not a bad Weekend Update, to be honest: the guests were a bit short, but I love Rudloph’s Houston, but there was nothing in terms of the jokes that really stood out.

Zach Braff and Melissa, Brian Grazer’s Assistant

Prom Committee Meeting

I’m disappointed in this: the Garden State ribbing is fine, but if you’re going to parade out Darell Hammond’s Sean Connery, I want lewd rantings, damnit!

Deep House Dish

That was certainly quite interesting…not that great, but interesting. I reserve judgment.

La Ravista Della Televisione

It’s a very, very simple joke: Zach Braff can’t understand Italian. And yet, it had some great stereotyping and a really great re-imagining of Scrubs. And PUPPETS. Everything is better with puppets. And Karate Gorilla.

Bronx Beat

Meh…nothing special, although the bit isn’t bad.

TV Funhouse by Robert Smigel

The democratic presidential candidates make some revelations about themselves on Oprah. It spiralled a bit too far for me, but it was funny for awhile.

I’ll be watching the rest of the show sometime soon…anyone else watch? Thoughts on the whole?


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