‘Save Jericho’: Much Ado About Peanuts [UPDATED]

UPDATE: Well, according to CBS, it appears that the peanuts are being given in a way quite similar to what was suggested here. Jericho fans = Smart, it seems, and CBS appears to be routing the peanuts for a good cause. This is a positive development, and considering that another 4000 pounds are on their way today [Maybe with media as well]…things aren’t done yet.

WCBSTV.com – ‘Jericho’ Fans to CBS: ‘Nuts!’

“CBS spokesman Chris Ender estimated Wednesday that about 300 boxes of nuts ranging in size from three pounds to 10 pounds had arrived.

“We’ve made arrangements for the bulk of the boxes to be picked up by Staten Island Project Home Front, an organization that focuses on fundraising and supporting military serving in Iraq and Afghanistan,” Ender told wcbstv.com. “We’ve also made contact with the Bronx Zoo to see if they’d like some of these, as well as local homeless shelters and food banks.””

Sounds like they’re headed to a good cause. Let’s hope that CBS, in the process of this, understands what is going on here on a larger level.

And now back to regularly scheduled analysis.

Okay, so over the past few days I’ve been delving into this Jericho question, and the more I discuss it the more I sympathize with the show’s fans. Much of this has to do with their level of argument within the two past threads (To be found Here and Here), but I have to admit: a lot of it has to do with the peanuts.

That peanut side of the story is quite simple: Skeet Ulrich’s Jake said “Nuts” in the season finale (As part of some form of surrender: I need to watch this finale at some point, eh?), and fans have used it as their battlecry. “Nuts to CBS” is a common statement amongst the show’s fans, but they didn’t stop there. As opposed to just sending their thoughts, they decided that they should send something more tangible: peanuts. Hundreds, if not thousands, of peanut orders started flying off from various online peanut delivery companies…however, one took notice.

NutsOnline.com – Nuts for Jericho

It was NutsOnline that did so, and they’re now sending mass shipments to CBS, the first of which should have arrived recently (There is to be video confirmation later).

In the meantime however, I figure that there’s a question that should be answered:

What should CBS do with all of these roasted peanuts?

My personal suggestion is to provide them to the writing staffs for their new fall shows, but to then refuse to provide them water, holding them hostage until they put out scripts which are good enough to meet their approval.

So, does anyone else have any suggestions on what they should do with the nuts? Perhaps Ms. Tassler should make a honey-nut glaze humble pie? Got another recipe in mind? Have some fun with it, I’m sure that there’s plenty of imaginative minds out there.


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13 responses to “‘Save Jericho’: Much Ado About Peanuts [UPDATED]

  1. Kay

    Well, let’s hope CBS is not stupid enough to destroy this avalanche of nuts! If they think they are in the middle of a PR nightmare now, imagine how THAT would look.

    Donate to homeless shelters, send some to every NYC police precinct and firehouse. Call in the National Guard (seriously–I’m sure they’d be happy to come and pick them up for their units here and deployed). It’s ‘Fleet Week’ in NYC–drop some off for our sailors as thanks for a “job well done”.

    And just for the record, don’t give the impression this is coming from the goodness of CBS’ heart. Make sure you let the recipients know these peanuts are from JERICHO fans sending a kind but very firm message: we will not go down without a fight.


    *be sure set a few on every executive’s desk as a constant reminder to put the VIEWER FIRST when it comes to programming decisions.

  2. Jen

    Love the NUTS campaign – I sure hope CBS gets the message that fans do have a voice in what they want to watch – hey, if CBS isn’t interested in Jericho then sell it to another network – I’m not wedded to having to watch my favorite show on CBS – And it seems that losing 8 million loyal viewers is OK for CBS too – after all we’re only 8 million stong – apparently we are barely a blip based on their actions…….

  3. Kathy

    Thank you for covering this story and helping us to get the word out to save Jericho!! I suggest that CBS take the nuts and give them to the Bronz Zoo as a treat for the elephants. Or bring them to that other Bronx Zoo and give them to all those Yankees fans…..

  4. “I suggest that CBS take the nuts and give them to the Bronx Zoo as a treat for the elephants.”

    This is the greatest idea ever, someone should contact the Zoo and see if they’d let their elephants endorse the campaign. I smell spokeselephants.

  5. lucy

    Actually, the “NUTS” quote by Skeet in the show was meant to be, “go to hell”. The Jericho fans are telling CBS execs they are nuts for cancelling the show, and who knows, maybe some are trying to tell them the same message as Jake.

  6. The first wave of nuts – 1000 pounds have been received. Video confirmation here:

    We shipped out another TWO TONS – over four thousand pounds – today. Check out the photos at

    NUTS to CBS!

  7. Methinks they’ll need to find a better place to store the peanuts if there’s 4x as much arriving, Sarah.

    Where does one keep 5000 pounds of peanuts, I wonder? They’ll need a peanut room.

  8. Hawksdomain

    I like the idea of sending them to the troops and to giving them to the homeless shelters. Of course, I do have a ‘not so nice place’ where I’d like to tell Nina, Les, and Kelly to stick them!! 🙂

  9. i was thinkin that they should sell it coz cbs is gonna b broke after kid nation..

  10. Ah yes, Hawks, the “sun don’t shine” area is likely to be a popular choice.

    And Ray, I’m not sure about broke (They can’t be paying the kids much, after all), but they might have to use the peanuts to fill in for craft services.

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  12. Dennis

    I find it humorous that CBS is attempting to spin their donations of the nuts as their idea when it originated with the same people who sent the nuts – the Save Jericho movement. In our initial mailings to CBS execs, we stressed to them that we did not want the nuts simply thrown away and they should consider donating to homeless shelters, etc. They are now trying to get good PR by looking like they came up with this wonderful plan. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they listened and are doing good by this, but give credit where credit is due.

  13. Jen

    CBS giving credit where credit is due is what got them in trouble in the first place……..:)

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