‘Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End’ Box Office Watch – Weekend Totals

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

Box Office Watch

Tuesday, May 29th – Day “Four”

Okay, so I missed a day: yesterday was a testament to my complete and utter inability to move normally thanks to some incredibly sore limbs. I’m in a great deal of pain, it’s no fun at all.

I’m at work, and thus can’t update the above image to reflect it, but Pirates ended up making $142 Million (Est.) over the 4-day Memorial Day Weekend. This puts it as the highest Memorial Day Opening of all time, and its worldwide totals will be equally impressive.

However, the film will likely suffer from a strong downturn next weekend; not only is the conclusion to the trilogy not quite as likely to see repeat viewings compared to Dead Man’s Chest, but it also faces a strong new competitor in Knocked Up. A stiff drop and a strong debut from Knocked Up will be a tough combo for Pirates if things don’t go its way.

I might update later with final weekend figures, which should be available mid-afternoon.

Sunday, May 27th – Day Three

I apologize for the delay in this update, but I was actually out seeing the film for myself (The Verdict: Better than the 2nd, but doesn’t redeem the two films as much as it could have). It was rough seas for the film’s box office receipts, though, as it failed to live up to lofty expectations (Although it will still come out alright when the Memorial Day totals come in tomorrow).

The film racked up $112 Million over the three-day weekend, which puts it below the recent total of Shrek the Third but just barely ahead of Spider-Man’s old record. This is a solid weekend haul (And great if you combine it with Thursday’s total for $126 Million), but it has yet to be seen just how well the film can hold on Memorial Day. As some anecdotal evidence, the 11:45am screening here in Halifax was mildly full, but as a whole the parking lot seemed empty as we left (Weather’s nice, I reckon). And it’s not even a holiday weekend here.

On top of this, Variety reports that Pirates has crossed the $200 Million mark worldwide, which is a solid total if not one rivaling Spider-Man 3’s epic cume earlier this month. Still, the film is playing well with audiences for now, and will surely avoid box office failure. Let the race between the threequels begin: Shrek just crossed $200 Million, while Spidey creeped over $300 itself. The game is afoot.

Saturday, May 26th – Day Two

From BoxOfficeMojo, Pirates scored a $43 Million opening Friday. This puts its total at $60,000,000, which is $4.2 Million higher than Dead Man’s Chest through this point. It does, however, mean that the film only managed the 5th Highest Opening Day of all time. Still, it puts it on pace for an expectedly strong weekend total, and it should hold well into the holiday weekend.

Friday, May 25th – Day One

After Dead Man’s Chest the box office afire just last year, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End arrives in theatres after two record-breaking blockbusters (Spider-Man 3 and Shrek 3, respectively). It’s the third sequel in four weeks, and moviegoers could be burned out…but it doesn’t seem likely. Here at Cultural Learnings, we’re going to follow the film’s progress as it attempts to break a few records of its own. We’ll be updating it as we go along, so stick around for all the latest info.

Today usually doesn’t bring news, but Pirates officially opened last night (a last minute decision made a month ago by Disney in order to try to squeeze in as many screenings as possible). The result? An extremely solid $17 Million, which ranks as the 7th highest Thursday of all time. Why is this impressive?

Well, because there was only 2/3 as many theatres last night as there will be today, and yesterday didn’t include any mid-day showings. This bodes well for the potency of the film’s box office, as long as the early release doesn’t spread too much negative buzz. For now, though, people are flocking to the cineplexes this evening as the Memorial Day Weekend kicks off in the States.

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