‘Save Jericho’: The Facebook Movement

As a university student, Facebook basically runs my life; it’s my #1 form of communication with some individuals, and can often become a rather alarming addiction when things slow down. However, it also has a fair amount of clout in terms of its status as the future of internet communication. Unlike MySpace, Facebook has a certain…I dunno, credibility to it. And as a result, it is the perfect medium to help spread the ‘Save Jericho’ message.

There are two groups to note:

First, Dan Eagleton created ‘Bring Back Jericho!’ over the past two weeks as an attempt to bring together fans of the show. Thus far, it has 450 members.

Now, however, Jeffrey Braverman (Of NutsOnline) has created his own group which will likely end up with a higher number of members: ‘Nuts for Jericho’ is yet another opportunity for the campaign to gain a base of support amongst a primarily young audience which represents a key demographic for CBS in this fight.

I think this should be an interesting test of Facebook’s ability to band together around causes. The campaign has thus far been fairly centered in Jericho message boards and blogs which have picked up and run with the story (Like Cultural Learnings). Can it extend into social networking, or will it be unable to make the leap?

Watch the groups, join the groups, and we’ll find out over the next few days.

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