‘Save Jericho’: Why the Emmy Awards Could Be a Turning Point

Over the past few days, and over the next month and a half, Cultural Learnings will be spending some time letting it be known which actors, actresses and series deserve the attention of Emmy Voters as they prepare to make their decisions for the 59th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards to be held in September (You can find the first two installments in Supporting Actors Here and Here). An Emmy nomination is often a way for a series to gain credibility, and for a network to gain a certain level of prestige with that particular program. As a result, each studio sends out a deluge of “For Your Consideration” materials for the performers and series that they want to consider giving awards attention to. And, despite canceling the show, CBS is doing so for Jericho.

TheGreenCampaign.com – CBS Emmy Nominations

The above website presents full episodes from each show that CBS is entering for consideration, and amongst them is Jericho. With fans rallying behind the show, its mindshare is perhaps at its greatest level yet; whether this translates to more voters, however, we can’t say for sure. However, I would suggest that the ‘Save Jericho’ movement has a real opportunity here. With the Emmy Awards comes a lot of press, and a lot of opportunities to prove CBS wrong. Sure, the Emmys are as much of a sham as the Nielsen ratings, but they’re still a prime opportunity for fans of the series to show CBS that they made a terrible error. If, on July 19th, someone from Jericho makes it onto the Emmy nominations list, it will either show CBS they made a mistake, or perhaps even reaffirm their decision to renew the show.

So, my suggestion is that the ‘Nuts for Jericho’ campaign come together in an attempt to build support for the series and its stars on the internet. There are multiple ways this can be achieved:

1. YouTube Videos

I’ve been using YouTube videos for my daily series, so this is definitely the year when viral video can play a big role in the Emmy race. Start creating “For Your Consideration” videos for the series and its actors on YouTube. They can showcase your favourite scenes with that actor from throughout the season, or perhaps a single key scene. You can also create videos for the entire series as a whole, capturing key moments that might catch the eye of voters.

2. GoldDerby.com Forums

Warning: These forums are a serious place, and just like any forums they are not to be spammed or flooded. That is not going to do any good. However, GoldDerby.com Forums are the home of a lot of Emmy talk, and it is commonplace for members to put their own “For Your Consideration” mentions in the signature of their posts. This is a place where the message can continue to be spread in a subtle fashion, on a smaller scale.

3. Cultural Learnings’ For Your Consideration Series

While I haven’t watched enough of the show myself to write the piece, I’d be more than happy to post what you send me and collaborate it into a substantial For Your Consideration piece for the actors and actresses that made Jericho a show you loved. If you want to be a part of this project, and if there’s enough interest, you can send the following information to cultural.learnings @ gmail.com:

Name: Myles

What You’re Supporting: Lennie James [Hawkins]

Why You’re Supporting it: Because…

It’s an opportunity for all of the voices to come together in support of those individuals who made this series a fan favourite. After it is complete and compilated, I’ll digg the story and perhaps it can get some people to notice the amount of fan support the series has received.

I’ve not always been entirely positive about Jericho, I’ll admit it, but the dedication that fans have shown has been inspiring. With my For Your Consideration series, I want to be able to create something substantial that, in some ideal world, could make a difference. Giving fans of Jericho a chance to yell to the rooftops about the things that made their favourite show their favourite show seems like a chance to do just that.

I know that the Emmys are often as flawed as the Nielsens, and that this does benefit CBS (The “Enemy”), but what Jericho fans need to prove more than anything else is that the show CAN help CBS. That you, as fans, aren’t out to destroy them but to make them more successful while heading in a better direction. That better direction can be cemented if more Emmy Voters notice Jericho and the people you think make it the best series on television.


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14 responses to “‘Save Jericho’: Why the Emmy Awards Could Be a Turning Point

  1. Jane

    Thank you for this helpful article! Emmys- here we come.
    Nuts to CBS!

  2. Ana Marie

    This is a fantastic idea! What better way to show CBS that this is a quality program at its best! The actors and show deserve this kind of recognition!
    I say “Bring it On!”

  3. Connie

    Thanks for admitting that our dedication is making a difference in your perception concerning the series. This show touched each of us individually because of the quality of the work exhibited by the cast and crew. They deserve to be recognized for their achievements!

  4. Wow – what an amazing write up On Jericho and why they deserve Emmy consideration.

    The historic campaign to Save Jericho goes to show the power of this show. It has connected with the American audience at a very deep and passionate level.

    Great writing, production and an even better cast. Thanks for the info and we will get the word out!

  5. alecs

    I do agree that i Jericho at least get a single nomination, we’ll be talking about a whole new different ball game here. thanks for your suggestions. I would love to make a Jericho Tribute Video.

  6. Neilini

    I support Gerald McRaney for Best Supporting Actor. As Johnston Green, Gerald was the heart and soul of Jericho, both the fictional town and the television series. Johnston Green’s death in the season finale truly portrayed what an important role his character played in Jericho, brought home over the course of the season by the subtle, persistent portrayal of Gerald McRaney.

  7. Chris Sigman

    Thank you most sincerely your input on our efforts to give Jericho the chance and recognition it deserves. The important thing to note here, is that the thousands upon thousands of people who have involved themselves in this effort are you. they are me. They are the guy next door, or the girl down the hall. They are doctors and lawyers, students and military personnel. They are employed and retired. This collective of dedicated people, who have come together in support of one of the (sadly) few television offerings that actually make you think, are made up of everyone, from all walks of life. If not for anything, the supporters of Jericho are indeed a “dream demographic”, and should CBS do the right and obvious thing here, they will be rewarded by OUR efforts, as WE have helped grow, invigorate and strengthen the fan base. You may call us “nuts” in that this is “only a TV show”, but I beg to differ. For this many people to come out in support with time, emotion and dollars is simply outstanding. CBS is in a win-win situation here.
    Should Jericho be considered for emmy nomination? ABSOLUTELY. In a sea of flat comedies, clones of already existing dramas, and “reality TV, Jericho served as an oasis of story, character and plot. It IS, and hopefully will be, our “watercooler” show for some time to come.

  8. Mary R

    Hey, Jerichoans/Jerichomaniacs! This should be our NEXT campaign; best ensemble cast (and crew) for “Jericho”; too many individual performances to pick just one actor and one role!

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  11. I think “SKEET should nominated!
    When I saw him in Scream, my skin crawled
    he was so good, since I had been stalked before.
    He was sweet and sexy, then bad boy, ummm good.
    I loved Miracles and all his movies.
    Bravo to Skeet!
    And now Jericho. U Rock Baby!

  12. Nominate “SKEET” !!!
    He is a great actor !
    Jericho Rocks !!
    I was waiting for a show like this to come on.
    We are tired of reality shows, life is reality all day.

  13. Mom Money

    It is so refreshing to see an original, exciting show continue down the road.

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