In Review: ‘Save Jericho’ In Retrospect

For people who haven’t been following this story, or perhaps want to revisit what Cultural Learnings has had to say in the past, I’d like to bring attention to a few past stories that still have some resonance considering today’s news regarding the show’s imminent midseason pickup.

For Your Consideration: Jericho and the Emmys In Retrospect

Now, more than ever, this plan is the best step forward for this movement. With the priority now being building buzz around this show, garnering an Emmy nomination or two for the series is definitely the right tactic and something that everyone should be involved in. I’ll likely be posting the initial FYC page for the series at some point over the next few days using the fan input I’ve received thus far (To send your own, email it to cultural.learnings @

A Word of Warning to ‘Save Jericho’In Retrospect

This article, the 2nd I wrote on the subject, has proven to be just as relevant as it was when I posted it. At the time, my general tone was that a 2nd season would not be brought back without changes, and that this could mean the loss of some of the show’s key elements. And, according to sources, this might just happen.

While CBS has contract options on most of the show’s leads, the reduced order would also probably include a reduced budget and, in turn, a reduced regular cast. In addition, many of the show’s writers have already migrated to other shows, including season one showrunner Carol Barbee, now serving in a similar capacity on another CBS midseason drama, “Swingtown.

These types of changes were to be expected. However, what effect will they really have? A smaller regular cast makes sense, but it also changes where producers may have been going with core storylines. This won’t make too much difference, of course, when you consider that many of the producers might well have, like Barbee, headed off to different shows. It is going to be a balancing act, and Jericho fans need to hope for the best as to its outcome.

If Jericho is Renewed, What Timeslot is Best?In Retrospect

Well, it appears it is going to be renewed and will arrive at some point in midseason (Could be earlier if another show bombs, but then it would need to go on hiatus during Christmas). So, where do we put it? Suggestions at the time seemed to be fairly certain that 9pm would be best, but there is no certainty as to what night would be preferable. This is one issue that won’t be resolved for a while, but one that will be incredibly important for the show’s future.

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  1. Excellent recap!

    We need to realize that we are still trying to finish up winning the battle. And that we still have the rest of the war to fight.

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