CBS Finalizes Schedule for ‘Jericho’ Reruns – Fridays at 9pm

When CBS announced that it planned to air reruns of Jericho this summer in anticipation of the show’s upcoming midseason return, I had personally thought that they would re-air all of the season’s episodes starting at some point in June, perhaps doubling up on certain weeks in an attempt to fit in all 22 episodes before September came around. Well, CBS seems to think differently, and their official schedule features only 13 episodes from Jericho’s first season. And, well, I think it’s a good schedule.

The Jericho Summer Rerun Schedule

Friday July 6th

9pm EDTEpisode 1 – “Pilot”

Friday July 13th

8pm EDT Jericho Recap Show (Eps. 1-11)

9pm EDTEpisode 12 – “The Day Before”

Friday July 20th – September

9pm EDTRemaining Episodes of Jericho’s First Season

Firstly, this schedule will currently take them until September 21st, which would mean the final repeat would air after the official start of the fall season. As a result, a two-hour event here or there might well take place.

After learning this news, I first felt it was a bit of a copout. However, I’ve since decided that it is strong plan that makes a lot of sense for a variety of reasons.

Emphasize Your Strongest Features

The pre-hiatus Jericho was a slow-moving, never-ending post nuclear society struggling with food shortages and your regular post-disaster scenarios. The interest parts (Hawkins’ behaviour, the conspiracy rumblings) can be covered in the recap special, and the show can move into its strong post-hiatus period creatively.

Emphasize “New” Materials

These reruns are primarily designed in order to get those people the show lost during the hiatus back into the show. As a result, focusing on the episodes they missed thanks to American Idol and other factors is the best way to pull them back. Making them sit through what they had already seen would be one more barrier.

Emphasize the Timeslot

While Fridays might not be the easiest spot on the schedule, let’s remember that one of the show’s rumoured timselots for midseason has to be Moonlight’s 9pm EDT slot, considering the development problems currently plaguing the vampire drama and the fact that it could be finished in time for Jericho to step in. If reruns work in this timeslot, Jericho might be able to find a home. If it had aired all episodes in two-hour bursts, the period wouldn’t be tested as well.

So, while certainly airing the entire series might have been an option, I think that CBS has found the right way to handle the show’s rerun schedule. We’ll be watching the ratings for July 6th very carefully to see just how far the Save Jericho campaign was able to influence the viewing public. And, well, I might just be watching along with the Rangers to see what I missed out on.


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6 responses to “CBS Finalizes Schedule for ‘Jericho’ Reruns – Fridays at 9pm

  1. Jeff

    You make some good points here. I also posted a suggestion to CBS that perhaps during the first show they should advertise the availability of episodes 2-11 on their website. For a new viewer that really wants to get up and has the time they could watch these in between the showings on the 6th and 13th of July. Even though I have previously seen all the episodes, I am going to plan on doing this, just so I can see them all again in order. Also because I’m excited – this is a show good enough to watch again and again!

  2. Jeff, you raise a very good point. I would almost suggest that CBS turn their website into a Jericho portal of sorts during that first week between reruns in an attempt to get people watching. Fans can only do so much, and CBS could definitely step it up a notch.

  3. Glad to hear you are going to watch not only to analyse but as a new fan!
    The show is so worth everything we are doing, and I just know that come the 6th of July our work will shine!
    Now the real work ( and fun) begins, promoting the summer shows.
    Jeff, I agree with your ideas of advertising the fact that fans can come to the website to view the episodes!

  4. Rob M

    Jericho is a great show. We are trying to get as many new fans involved as possible. Its good to hear you are going to watch …thanks for the exposure.

    Jericho – July 6th on CBS.

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  6. i,suber

    where is moonlight? i want to see moonlight!

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