Another One Bites the Dust: The CW’s ‘Hidden Palms’ Will Make Quick Exit

While there was no question that The CW had no intentions of keeping Hidden Palms around next season after its terrible opening numbers, the series has been given its walking papers a little bit sooner than expected. Four of the five episodes of the show remaining after tonight’s episode are going to be burned off in two-hour installments over the next two weeks; as a result, the show will have its series finale on July 4th, according to

The show was pretty well doomed to failure: launched without a successful lead-in and with sharp competition from FOX’s So You Think You Can Dance? in its key demographics, Hidden Palms was never going to make a huge impact. Reality TV has basically staked summer as its territory, even as some of those shows fail to sail through the summer seas, and it appears that serial drama just isn’t a huge draw. Traveler, which airs its fourth episode tonight on ABC (10pm) has been surviving with decent ratings, but it certainly hasn’t broken out even comparably to the dreadful celebrity impersonator show airing before it.

So, for fans of The CW’s summer drama, enjoy the month of June. Afterwards, another summer program drowns in its attempt at being the next seasonal sensation.

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