‘Pirate Master’: Things Happened This Week!

[EDIT: Pirate Master was canceled in late July, and its remaining episodes will be streamed online every Tuesday at CBS.com.]

Last week I promised that I was going to stop watching slowly sinking Pirate Master…but after finishing up tomorrow’s For Your Consideration piece, I decided I’d turn on the TV and see what was going on. So, my impressions are only of the first 15 minutes…and I feel like I just transported into a bizarro world.

A Change in Leadership!

Azmyth, who didn’t even get to TALK in the first episode, is suddenly the captain of the ship. I assume this means that the team without the captain (Joe Don) on it lost the expedition, which is at least a necessary twist in the game. Also, Azmyth taking on an accent gave Cameron an opportunity to actually make an ad-lib!

Vive la Revolution!

Man, everyone seems really happy all of a sudden. I refuse to believe that this happened without the assistance of mind-altering drugs, can someone confirm or deny this? It seems way too sudden, as if Azmyth gave them all money…wait, did he give them all money? That seems possible.

People Have Opinions!

Much more like a Survivor tribal council, the people at “Pirate’s Court” had things to say, people to talk about, concerns, questions, and everything else you could imagine. Even one of the officers got to talk, which was just fascinating for me. Apparently with new leadership comes new energy and openness, which was certainly one of the show’s downfalls.

Things Happened!

I will assume things happened in the actual episode itself, but there was a tie! The crew is divided! The captain makes a fascinating and nearly incomprehensible decision! This has never happened before!

I don’t know about you, but I kind of like this game of just watching the last fifteen minutes: it’s much more interesting when I have to guess what has happened in the previous part of the episode. The show is still not perfect, but I have a suspicion that this episode might have it on a better track. Did anyone else brave the entire episode? Was it so soul-crushing that the conclusion couldn’t save it? Please let me know.

Next Week on Pirate Master: Sean is dead to Jay! Joe Don tests Jay’s loyalty! And a treasure surprise sends the pirates SPINNING! Looks like things might get even more interesting…but who knows.


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4 responses to “‘Pirate Master’: Things Happened This Week!

  1. Hello,
    We live in Perth ,W A and hope that I am contacting Australia’s Channel 10 T V .

    Our five families saw the trailers of ‘Pirate Master’ and came together to watch the first episode.

    There has always been music added as background to films but it’s now becoming the custom for T V Channels to insert loud irritating, utterly unrelated noise to run with some T V programmes.

    Speach gets drowned out, which has viewers asking “what did he/she say” and others replying “I could’nt hear either”.
    Programmes are sometimes ruined and it sure happened with ‘Pirate Master’.
    It was so annoying after arranging for a social gathering to see it.

    It costs you money to pay people to sabotage programmes in this way. Why do you do it?

    Kind regards


  2. I tried to send my message but it came back asking for my comment ! !

  3. Lyn

    I heard that one of the contestants committed suicide…Also heard that her boyfriend had already done the same two weeks earlier..

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