Trading Places: The TV Shows That Should Switch Writers for One Week

If CBS gives the go-ahead, producers of two of the network’s highest rated programs might be switching writing staffs for a week. However, perhaps surprisingly, these two shows are Two and a Half Men and CSI:. One is a light-hearted innuendo-laden comedy. The other is a procedural drama that only occasionally wanders into the comedy realm. This is perhaps the greatest idea ever.

Now, I have no idea how it would work out for either show (Which excites me), but it does have me thinking: which other TV series should swap writing staffs for a week? And I came up with all sorts of options, but here are two to get us started.

‘The Office’ and ‘CSI: Miami’

This would address the question I’ve been dying to have answered: would CSI: Miami be more or less funny if the humour was intentional? Horatio Caine is basically the most ridiculous character on television, and through the joys of YouTube his unintentional humour has become a cult sensation. However, what would happen if the hilarious writers of The Office got to write lines actually meant to be funny, meant to elicit laughter. I’m imagining Horatio talking a lot like Dwight while investigating the recent marijuana incident…and it’s basically cracking me up right now. As for the other side of the coin, I think it would be interesting to see whether the CSI: Miami writers are actually capable of being funny…my bet is on no, but the other side would be totally worth it.

‘Heroes’ and ‘Battlestar Galactica’

Admittedly, this one is somewhat less about comedy. However, I think that this would be a very interesting experiment because I think that Heroes’ writing staff would learn a lot about character development and sustaining multiple storylines. While Battlestar has its slow episodes, its characters have been so well developed that they often don’t resonate. If Heroes writers could pick up on that, they might be able to survive an entire season at a stronger pace. Meanwhile, I would love to see what Ronald Moore and David Eick could do in the Heroes universe considering their success on the Sci-Fi series.

Okay, so that’s it from me on this subject (I have more, don’t get me wrong, but I figure I should give people a cchance). Are there any other shows that you think might be ready for a crossover opportunity? Is there another show you think might benefit from The Office’s hilarity or one that could be helped by Lost’s mythology? What writers do you think should spend time on Wysteria Lane with some desperate housewives? Are there any writers that you think might benefit from spending some time in Jericho? Feel free to comment below.


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2 responses to “Trading Places: The TV Shows That Should Switch Writers for One Week

  1. Love the Heroes and BSG switch idea … I think it would be great to see a switch between Medium and Brothers and Sisters. Sure, it sounds like an odd match but Medium’s greatest moments lie in the family dynamic and it is a show that writes great couples well … but Allison’s work life plots have become so stagnant that even the writers are even making fun of themselves. Brothers and Sisters does wonderful things with the family dynamic and the way it seeps into the office of the family business, but they have yet to write a happy couple that is believable. A switch could add juice to the Kitty/Senator storyline while also helping give Allison’s work life some interesting subplots. Could be fun!

    Another great switch might be Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives. Why? Because the folks from Grey’s can do wonderful things with quiet and potent moments but often do not trust their actors to be funny enough to carry off the comic relief that dark show needs. On the flip side, Desperate Housewives can be too slapstick funny and often loses focus on the small moments and character development arcs, not to mention story arc clues, that modern audiences have come to expect. A switch could ground one more and elevate the other in ways that are interesting and unexpected. Or it could be a disaster, who knows :).

  2. Margie, you raise too insanely compelling examples that I am jealous of.

    I think that Medium has always been so unappealing to me because Patricia Arquette is ONLY ever interesting in the family setting. Her medium visions, or whatever they are, are nothing but blank stares. I like the darker tone the show can take, and its humour is a nice brand, but I’d like to see how it worked with the more engaging and lively B&S cast. Plus, Greg Berlanti could write for anything.

    For me, Grey’s biggest problem this season was that it was a depressive mess by the end. I’d almost be in favour of a half-swap with these two. Keep Shonda Rhimes in charge to keep stupid things from coming up, but let the Housewives writers inject a bit of fun into Seattle Grace for a change. And I’d love to see if the Grey’s crew could do anything with Susan, because the DH writers certainly haven’t found anything. And Marcia Cross deserves better.

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