The Ten Reasons You Should See Pixar’s ‘Ratatouille’: #9 – Wall-E

[Since writing a review has been hard (But I might well end up doing it), I’ve decided to instead feature the 10 reasons why I believe that everyone should see this movie. This is the second part of that series.]

Reason #9 – Wall-E

Before I left to go see Ratatouille in its Saturday Sneak Preview, I knew that the teaser trailer for Wall-E (Releasing from Pixar in 2008) had been released but decided against watching it online. As a result, when I saw it in the theatre it was my first time experiencing it. For the sake of allowing you the same opportunity, I will place all of my specific reasons why this simple minute and a half trailer is enough for me to suggest you see this movie after the break. But this teaser trailer is poignant, exciting, and promises great things for Pixar’s next film.

Okay, you’re still with me? The teaser trailer begins, oddly enough, in our world. Director Andrew Stanton (Finding Nemo) voiceover (And actually appears) and explains that there was once a lunch at which John Lasseter (Toy Story), Pete Docter (Monsters Inc.), the late Joe Ranft and Stanton were talking about the studio’s future. With Toy Story having been just completed (This was 1994), they threw around story ideas that became A Bug’s Life, Monsters Inc., and Finding Nemo. And then, Stanton says, there was the story of a robot named Wall-E (Pronounced like Wally).

And then we get our first footage of Wall-E doing his job: compacting trash. This footage is stunning from an animation perspective, this is not a robot like the ones seen in Robots, for example. What makes the trailer special, however, is the above that prefaces it. There is something magical about how the tablecloth drawings come to life or how the camera zooms through the universes of each of the films mentioned. The Wall-E footage is short, but the experience in getting there is pure Pixar magic. It might be selling itself on the Pixar legacy, but I think that the studio has deserved the ability to do so.

So, if you plan to head to the theatres on June 29th, remember that your first glimpse at this film is powerful stuff on the big screen. And it’s Reason #9 you should see Ratatouille.

YouTubeWall-E Teaser Trailer


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  1. awesome trailer. i am sooo ready.

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