Cultural Excuses – Blame it on ‘Weeds’

Hey everyone,

Myles here. I was all set to put together some nice blog posts today, on top of today’s sixth and penultimate Lead Actors Emmy Preview (Which will be posted later today). However, unfortunately, that will be the only post: the second part of my Studio 60 series and another reason to see Ratatouille will have to wait until another day. Because last night, after it sitting here for quite some time unwatched, I began to watch Showtime’s Weeds.

And I’m hooked. I now want to go back in time and recognize Elizabeth Perkins’ fantastic supporting performance in the series, and will likely be featuring Mary Louise Parker next week when I begin to discuss Lead Actress candidates.

In the end, it means I will be putting those two pieces on hold for a day or so. But, since I’m only doing so out of love for television, I think you must forgive me.

In the meantime, here’s a trailer for Weeds’ first season. Which has an annoying voiceover, but I refuse to risk spoilers, even for my faithful viewers. Search YouTube for more if you’re interesting.

YouTube – Weeds

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