‘Heroes’ Season Two to End in April 2008, ‘Origins’ to follow

Well, it’s official: the assumption was made back at the May upfronts when Heroes: Origins was announced is in fact true, and the six-episode anthology/fan call in show will be airing following an early Season Finale for the series, according to Ain’t it Cool News via a Heroes press conference Thursday morning.

What is surprising about this announcement is that the series will not be, in the process, trying to schedule its episodes in continuous blocks. Kring has apparently confirmed that there will be multiple hiatuses within the season, just none as long as the one this year. I think that while this might seem good on the surface, it means that people will still never know when Heroes is in reruns or not in reruns, and I think this creates a lot of confusion. It’s the same type of scheduling that brutalized Lost in its 2nd season, and I think that Heroes might well suffer the same fate as non-Comic Book fans start to bleed away from the series.

Regardless, the series will be concluding in April before Origins hits the airwaves. Kring also confirmed that 12+ episodes on the Heroes DVDs will have commentary tracks, which is good news for those fans not quite on the HD bandwagon. They also CONTINUED to parade out actors and make sure we know that this doesn’t mean they’re alive next season. We get it: you’re going to ignore all logical conventions of storytelling and just decide to let whoever you think is cool live. I’ve resolved myself to it, and am moving on.

Heroes hits DVD shelves in August, and the 2nd season will likely begin in September or October.

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