The ‘Sorry’ State of Entourage: Season Four In Review

You may have noticed that I haven’t blogged about Entourage in the past few weeks, and this is because I haven’t been able to watch the episodes when they air on Sunday. However, even if I had, there is nothing in those episodes that is, well, all that worthy of blogging. This slate of episodes have taken all of the life from the series, turning what was once an engaging show into something I get very little enjoyment from. Last night’s episode, “Sorry, Harvey” was just another installment in what appears to be a season filled with episodes that show little to no plot advancement and it’s like we’re sitting around waiting for them to get to Cannes already. And that, well, is a ‘sorry’ state indeed.

The problem with this is that, while each episode features some moments of comedy, that comedy is all the show is riding on. Over the past few weeks it has been nothing but teases and hold-ups in the show’s plot with no real rhythm. Since they returned from Columbia they’ve fought with Walsh over the film, fought amongst themselves over the film, but they haven’t really stepped up to the plate with any sort of real advancement. Getting into Cannes last week felt like an afterthought, not an event. While it was nice to see some advancement last week, none of that actually paid off this time around.

And this week’s episode failed to do even a bit of story advancement: Harvey received the bad news, but only from Drama and at the very end of the episode with no real resolution. They spent an entire episode building up to it, but then they just kind of forget it happened. In fact, the real arc of the episode was apparently a side story about the Mayor of Beverly Hills hooking up with a tranny.

Now, the reveal at the end of the episode of the TMZ video was very well done, and a strong piece of comedy…but was it worth the excrutiating and boring scenes that preceeded it? Watching Eric sit there nervously while Harvey goes insane was fine for one scene, but that’s all the episode was. Combine this with an awkward white guy trying to pick up chicks, and you have an episode that lacks even a bit of continuity with last week’s events other than in its setup.

Speaking of continuity: where is it for the show’s supporting characters. Are we to believe that Drama hasn’t worked even a single day on his series, as far as we’ve seen? What about Turtle’s body shop booty we saw at the end of Season Three? How about the storyline just a few weeks back where Ari’s son isn’t getting into the fancy prep school since the headmaster thinks he’s a tool? NONE of these storylines have truly been picked up again, and instead we’re being fed this single storyline.

This means that the story of Medellin needs to flow and needs to progress, because there is nothing left to hold it up. This week’s best storyline was Ari’s quest to read M. Night Shyamalan‘s new script, but it wasn’t nearly enough to make the episode cohesive. What happened to the days when Ari’s storyline was either full featured or connected to the main story? This one had some great tongue-in-cheek work by Shayamalan, but Ari’s car antics felt like just a cheap excuse to use Perrey Reeves considering her new credit status.

And it really feels right now that Entourage is just floating along waiting for the real stuff to happen. I feel like I did at the end of the show’s first season: after accepting Aquaman, the series devolved into a Mandy Moore fest and lost all sight of Aquaman, the show’s other storylines, and pretty well everything but that event. Here, the same thing is occuring: the Medellin story is all that the show has, and yet it isn’t coming together thanks to a lack of forward momentum.

Will this problem be solved in future episodes? I can’t be sure. But I do know that I hope it is. Because while I haven’t enjoyed these past few episodes, I still have some level of hope that Doug Ellin and Co. can turn this ship around. The ball is in their court: let’s see if they can’t pick it up and carry it all the way to Cannes.



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5 responses to “The ‘Sorry’ State of Entourage: Season Four In Review

  1. Walker

    I agree with what you mean by Season 4 just isn’t going anywhere. This may be the result of there being more episodes so they want to draw it out more.

    I have always noted the excellent use of popular hip-hop music on the show, and felt that its presence was somewhat lacking this season. This changed with episode four however. In the club you can hear Kanye’s new single “Stronger” being played. This has not been out for very long and was obviously added into the background last moment. Good on the producers for that.

  2. entouragesux

    I have stopped watching the show altogether after last season which was some of the most boring TV I have ever seen.

    I really hope HBO cancels it and gets back into the business of making great TV series.

  3. miguelito

    i agree. Entourage seems to have gotten the throttle stuck in neutral, and is blowing and blowing the engine, but the ship isn’t moving. Entourage has several issues with ending abruptly its short side story lines and abrasively engaging in unnecessary ones. More concentration need be given to the main issues at hand. Entire episodes dedicated to the completion and conclusion of the Medellin saga. Entourage is still a great show whose characters seem to have been temporarily trapped in some retarded waiting room. snap out of it, Doug Ellin and writers.

  4. well if you think things were getting bad, you should have seen the finale.

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