“Thar she Moves Timeslots, Mateys”: Pirate Master relocates to Tuesdays at 10

With about as much fanfare as you’d expect for a series struggling in the ratings, Pirate Master moves to Tuesdays at 10pm tonight due to the return of Big Brother for its eight season. The show will have a lead-in (Big Brother’s Tuesday edition), and should be able to do decently.

Still, is anyone really paying attention? From watching the CTV commercials for the series, it appears as if the series has yet to take a single honest-to-goodness twist. Survivor is a series that producers will always mix up when things get boring, but here they’re relying on the shipmates themselves to do the mixing…and they suck at it.

Will people tune in tonight to watch Pirate Master on its new night? Considering that CBS killed two shows within three months in this timeslot last year, something tells me “Arr, no” might be the answer we receive.

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One response to ““Thar she Moves Timeslots, Mateys”: Pirate Master relocates to Tuesdays at 10

  1. Mark

    Hmm, I read a lot of comments and posts about this show and nearly every one of them bashed it.
    Although I totally understand the reasons why people don’t like it, I have to admit that I enjoy it pretty much 🙂 I like its concept and I think if some flaws are being fixed more people would like it. Actually I was hoping for another season but presumably there wont be one.
    Anyway, after the first episode I thought it would be a nice idea, if the people that were cut adrift could have the chance to return.. so I was very thrilled when I read this on tv.com and saw the teaser for next episode: “Pirates who have been cut adrift return to the Picton Castle ship and are given the opportunity to compete for the treasure […] Will mutiny spell the end for Azmyth?” Could be a nice twist 🙂

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