Canadian Idol – July 11th – Top 10 Revealed

Canada has spoken, and it’s about time we got around to a Top 10. Who made the cut, and who fell by the wayside? All the info after the jump. And trust me, it’s downright explosive. Could four favourites have been the ones going home?

Girls Eliminated:

Montana Martin Iles (Holy crap, seriously? That just happened? She was supposed to be a shoo-in! Wow.)

Annika Odegard (Finally, got one right. She was awful)

Guys Eliminated:

Tyler Mullendore (Holy crap, seriously? That just happened? He was supposed to be a shoo-in! Wow.)

Liam Styles Chang (Ugh. Boourns Canada, this is just plain old lame. Was there a vote for the worst campaign or something?)

Making the Top 10…

Martha Joy (My Thoughts: Meh. She’s…decent.)

Matt Rapley (My Thoughts: Terrible, terrible decision.)

Dwight D’eon (My Thoughts: Sorry, Nova Scotia, you got it wrong this time)

Greg Neufeld (My Thoughts: Rocket Man)

Brian Melo (My Thoughts: Good! But surprising)

Tara Oram (My Thoughts: Newfoundland, you keep on doing it)

Carly Rae Jepsen (My Thoughts: Good on ya, Canada)

Mila Miller (My Thoughts: Pimp spot wins out)

Khalila Glanville (My Thoughts: Meh, she’s decent)

Jaydee Bixby (My Thoughts: Sigh)

In Review

One really good performer, two oddballs and a single worthy elimination say goodbye, which is kind of embarrassing. This is a rather terrible Top 10, and next week is going to be quite, quite painful in many, many ways. Seriously, you got rid of Liam? What were you thinking?


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2 responses to “Canadian Idol – July 11th – Top 10 Revealed

  1. Consider this my divorce from Canadian Idol. Not even the sterling voice and knockout looks of Carly Rae Jepsen (who better win this thing) will keep me watching this season. Sure I wasn’t a fan of Montana, but eliminating Tyler and Liam (the BEST male vocalist this season) is just ridiculous. Piss off, Canadian Idol voting public.

    Oh and Myles, you neglected to include Jaydee Bixby in your list of the Top 10…wishful thinking?

  2. Dawn M.

    Liam is gone. How could such a travesty occur?? He was so gifted and unique. I am in shock and disgusted. I no longer care if I see another episode. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

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