Canadian Idol – July 18th – The Top 10 Becomes the Top 9

9:30pm: Welcome to tonight’s elimination, which shall be preceeded by the Top 10 Group performance. Specifically with Brian and Dwight starting off…a Nickleback song. And then Matt Rapley and Greg. Guess who sounded out of place? It was Jaydee Bixby, with Matt in a close 2nd. These people are going to be terrible at group sings, I can tell already.

9:31pm: The girls kick into…Avril Lavigne’s terrible single from ERAGON. I can’t believe this hit #1. Carly Rae gives a weak vocal, Mila gives a weak vocal, Tara gives an awful vocal. you can barely tell Khalila starts singing, and then Martha powers her way through singing Avril Lavigne as if it is the most serious song ever. Ugh.

9:32pm: 2.5 Million votes…that sounds low, is that low? I hope it’s low. Ben pimps Rihanna, who is really a perfect choice for being little but a hit machine. A good one, too. And now for a recap. You can just head back to my own recap for the lowdown.

9:34pm: As we head to commercial, I’ll lay it on the line: I think Khalila is going home. However, everyone is vulnerable but the big names (Bixby, mainly).

9:38pm: Rihanna has words of wisdom, and Dwight is trying to act cool and ask a question. Rihanna is claiming that she has a choice in song selection, which may or may not be true.

9:39pm: And now she is performing. Her new singles are quite good. Umbrella is a good single, undeniable.

9:42pm: I’m in another room, but it sounded good-ish. Was it good-ish?

9:48pm: Tara is safe. Martha is…safe. I think. I was in another room.

9:50pm: The Bottom Three, unceremoniously unveiled, is Carly Rae, Mila and Khalila. Harsh, Canada.

9:51pm: Carly Rae is nearly crying, and it is making me really really sad.

9:52pm: Man, she must have barely squeaked into the Top 10 if she is immediately Bottom 3’d after that wasn’t a terrible performance.

9:53pm: Okay, Ben is ending the suspense…Khalila and Carly Rae are safe. Mila is going home. This is a little bit harsh for Mila, but not exactly surprising. She’s from Toronto, and…oh wow, that crowd went silent really quickly. Ben asks us to keep it going for Mila, but they were actually cheering the success of others at her expense.

9:54pm: Mila’s journey is…really, really short. And Ben immediately pimps next week’s shows. And thanks Rihanna, and Mila is nothing but an afterthought. And now Mila performs Signed, Sealed Delivered. How fitting, considering her elimination.

9:56pm: One down, nine to go. Hopefully Carly fans rebound, or this Top 10 loses 90% of its musical credibility.

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One response to “Canadian Idol – July 18th – The Top 10 Becomes the Top 9

  1. Johnny

    Carly will go, very kareoke, no talent, bottom 3, and you rate her as the Best Performance last night, Voters used their ears and that’s all they need to know that she cannot sing. Martha might have sang Celine Dion, twice but who else will and you think Carly carries 90% of the Top 10, is more like 10%. Good luck, Carly needs your prayer.

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