Entourage – “The Weho Ho” Review

“The Weho Ho”

“It’s Edgar!”

That’s basically my first reaction to this week’s episode of Entourage. The appearance of 24’s Edgar, Louis Lombardi, was definitely the first thing that caught my attention this week. As the series struggles to overcome the overbearing presence of Billy Walsh and the assumption that is being made. You see, Entourage has asked a lot of me. It has asked me to think that Vince is a good actor, something that I think we all know isn’t true. It has asked us to believe that these characters always manage to pull together every single project ever nearly perfectly.

But this week crossed two lines for me: first, it asked me to believe that Billy Walsh is a visionary director because he would stick a camera in the snow. Second, it asked me to believe that Lloyd is so depressive and emotional that he would be unwilling to come into work following a breakup…and that he would cheat on someone.

I don’t buy either of these things: Lloyd has been almost destroyed as a character, simply becoming Ari’s crutch that he is able to repair and not live without…but that exists only as such a crutch. And, while Billy is not likely a terrible director, we have not seen what exactly makes him worthwhile. The man is basically a jerk, but everyone but Eric appears to love the guy. I just don’t understand this, simple as that: everyone should know what an idiot Walsh really is, but only Eric (Himself not the sharpest tool in the shed) seems to realize it.

So this episode? Didn’t do much for me, at all. It was basically just one giant spiral, and it did nothing to advance the plot beyond the point we left at last week. And, in the process, only annoyed me.

In Review

– Turtle and Drama’s plot this week was only memorable for Louis Lombardi’s guest appearance…which other than the “It’s Edgar!’ factor wasn’t all that impressive. Unless we get to a point where Drama goes bankrupt through all sorts of these schemes, this is just putting together random and pointless storylines. It wasn’t even funny.

– I’ve lost much of my respect for Dana Gordon for actually liking Billy. Totally uncool, Dana.

– It’s nice to hear Eric speak his voice, but it’s not as if this really changed over the course of the episode.

– Ari’s lie for Lloyd was actually quite good, don’t get me wrong: but it basically just proved that Lloyd can’t do anyhing without Ari. Which completely destroys his character.

– Billy Walsh is just annoying. Plain and simple.


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2 responses to “Entourage – “The Weho Ho” Review

  1. KJ

    Any idea who performed the song being played during the final credits of “The Weho Ho” episode of Entourage?


  2. Whole heartily agree my friend. I can’t believe Lloyd in that episode. It wasn’t believable that he would do that at all. And wtf was that useless fired mail guy from season 2 doing filling in for Ari? He wasn’t even good. Adam Davies lites it up in his minimal air time, that other guy? Not so much. I wonder why they even showed him. To illuminate Ari’s kinder side and show he isn’t as cold as most assume? I think was already established when he saved Lloyd for horny man whore Will Sasso.
    You said it my friend, Walsh is a douche, Vince can’t act and Dana Gordon proved that ‘E’ really is the only person who can stand up to Walsh.
    Turtle and Drama are fucked. I think Turtle’s cousin was faking the whole sob routine and got a tip that Sandy was going to pull through.
    Looking forward to next week and the Cannes Episode.

    Later Mlems,


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