Canadian Idol – July 24th – Top 9 Becomes the Top 8

Welcome to the Top 9 Results show of Canadian Idol, where we learn whether what was apparently “the greatest show ever”. I don’t really agree, at all, but what can you do?

We open with a recap of last night’s events…why, I have one of those too! Click here to read Cultural Learnings’ recap. Meanwhile, the show is as I remembered it: The people who really stood out were outside of my genres of music, and no one really nailed it out of the park for me. So, really, anyone can go home this week. Who’s it going to be? Let’s find out.

But first, we get more Ronald McDonald House love, this time in the form of the Idols visiting a London, Ontario home. We learn where Jaydee’s flower came from (It was in his hair at the house), and we learn that Carly Rae loves bubbles. Also, Martha’s face paint makes her look like a leper. Also, Matt Rapley is like a giant to these kids. All in all, cute stuff.

Now, the Idols are performing “Believe in You,” their charity single of sorts. The song, a hit for Amanda Marshall, is an empowering anthem and all of those things, but…they sound kind of awful. I hate to say it, but this group is just not meshing well enough to be able to pull off these group performances. Poor Jaydee was almost not singing at times simply because of how far off he’d throw the performances. The kid can’t sing harmonies except in twang, and that’s a problem with these. Personally, I’m not so much going to be downloading that track. But it’s the thought that counts.

But now, what we’ve really been waiting for…or not, since we’re instead having to deal with Kraft Idol Confidential…which is much better than those crappy comedy bits. They’re talking like real people, and having fun, and being kids. I like it. But, it was just yet another distraction from what we’re really waiting for: the results.

Martha Joy? The first member of the bottom three (Sorry, Johnny! I actually liked her better this week, too.). Dwight and Matt? Safe. Tara? Safe. Greg, Khalila and Carly Rae? Greg is safe, Carly Rae is also safe, but Khalila is in tonight’s Bottom Three. Which Ben should have said first, since it was said amidst cheers for the others.

Now it’s Brian or…JAYDEE? This is totally unfair to Brian, because we totally know (of course) that Brian is in the Bottom Three. This makes it Martha, Khalila and Brian. Seriously, what a waste of a suspenseful moment. Brian is the least deserving of the three to be there in my books. Farley thinks it might be Martha, and Jake wants intense emotion for Unplugged next week.

Just before we go to commercial, however, Martha is sent teary-eyed back to the couches by Ben in what was supposed to be a reprieve but actually caught her at a really low moment. Carly Rae comforts her as we go to one final commercial.

And we’re back…and it’s Khalila going home, unsurprising after her trip to the Bottom Two last week. Her Idol journey has really been a rather tough one: her spot in the Top 10 was really supposed to go to Montana based on early buzz, so she was on borrowed time in that lower tier of female contestants.

Next week: All Acoustic shows…with Enrique Iglesias? That’s who they got for Unplugged night? UGH. That’s insulting to acoustic instrumentation.

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