Detention: Rob Thomas departs ABC’s “Miss/Guided”

News has broken today that Rob Thomas, creator of Veronica Mars, has split from ABC’s midseason comedy “Miss/Guided” only a month after agreeing to run the show. – ABC’s “Miss/Guidance” Seeks New Guidance

No, it doesn’t appear to be in order for him to devote more time to that Veronica Mars comic book; rather, the split appears to be for a variety of good reasons.

Okay, so let’s recap this entire situation for just one moment:

Step 1:

ABC picks up comedy pilot, Miss/Guided, starring Judy Greer, for midseason at the last minute. The pickup was a bit of a surprise, but seemed like a decent pilot at first glance.

Step 2:

Rob Thomas, newly available after Veronica Mars went under, is hired to run the show as an executive producer. This was hailed as good news, considering it kept a great producer on television.

Step 3:

ABC, deciding that it doesn’t have enough generic comedies premiering this year (Carpoolers, Cavemen), turns the show into a more straightforward comedy. More specifically, ABC are dumb and are turning the show into That 70s Show: Modern Edition by bringing in that show’s producer to run things.

Step 4:

Rob Thomas leaves the show, citing creative differences. More specifically, I believe his real reason is something along the lines of “ABC doesn’t want a good show, and I don’t want to be part of a bad one.” That’s my assumption, anyways.

So after this entire saga, the question remains: what does this mean for both Thomas and the show?

Where does this leave “Miss/Guided”? I’d say in the same league as Cavemen and Carpoolers, shows that aren’t worth our time in the least. In an era in which The Office is comedy’s biggest hit amongst younger viewers, shouldn’t ABC be embracing something that’s not a “simple” comedy? Rob Thomas is a witty, witty man, and I think that would have been a huge asset. So, any hype I had left for Miss/Guided is long gone.

Where does this leave Rob Thomas? Amazingly, he’s sitting pretty after all this: he has a development deal with ABC Studios, which will allow him to start developing new series as soon as possible. I vote he develops a series called Betty Jupiter about a female private eye. It would be original in every way possible.

Look for Miss/Guided to limp onto television sets sometime next year, and look for Rob Thomas’ first batch of development projects to come to pilot for next season.


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2 responses to “Detention: Rob Thomas departs ABC’s “Miss/Guided”

  1. Rob Thomas mentioned that he was working on a new comedy show with Paul Rudd in a recent episode of The Sound of Young America.

    You can find the full interview here [] . The whole show is definitely worth a listen, but that tidbit in particular stood out. I assume they really enjoyed working with each other after Rudd’s episode in VM.

  2. zagbot

    veronica mars ruled. didn’t see missguided. carpoolers looks like the love child of sitcom and kids in the hall – i think it may be funny.

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