‘Jericho’ Rerun Report – “Semper Fidelis”

What fascinates me about this episode of Jericho is that it changes everything, in a way: we are now at a point where hope cannot be taken at face value, and where even a figure of authority can be a pure falsehood. This is what was missing early on in the series: I think that good and evil were too clearly defined, but now the world is as unclear as it really should be in the wake of an attack of this nature.

In this episode, the “Marines” represent the unfortunate future that lies ahead: the politics of this world are not crystal clear good vs. evil. It’s so interesting to see the reaction to word that South Korea and Iran have been bombed, and how quickly that news falls aside in favour of news of hope for the future. I think that’s a natural reaction, not some sort of ignorance to the ramifications of the bombs: on the list of pieces of information my mind would settle on as a member of Jericho’s community, I think “hope” would go above “war”.

And really, the stakes changed with Sarah and Hawkins as well. What seemed like a pointless and meandering story last week suddenly became atomic in nature: literally. Throwing the “package” into the mix certainly throws a further wrench into the loss of innocence, snatched away again by the revelation that the Marines are not the Marines. The Greens are the ones who figure this out, of course, but the townspeople remain unaware.

And we, therefore, end the episode really as we left it, if not in even worse shape. We learned things about the outside world, but can we really trust them? And the people don’t know that they shouldn’t be trusting the Marines, that it was all really a false sense of hope. And then there’s the bomb, now in play for the first time: it is certainly looking like Jericho might be needing that tank after all.


– Jakes already has TWO love interests. He did not need a third. I’ve never been one to buy Jake as a heartthrob (Sorry, shippers. Heh.), and that didn’t change with the Cpl.

– I know now that the tank will be playing an important role in the future, so it is interesting to see it revealed at this point and in this fashion. Johnston is certainly trying to leave a legacy behind while Gray attempts to deal with the madness.


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2 responses to “‘Jericho’ Rerun Report – “Semper Fidelis”

  1. SaveJake

    I must say Hawkins taught me a lesson when his daughter asked him “is Jake a good man or a bad man?” Hawkins responded, “there’s no such thing baby.” That was a very telling moment for me…a new way of thinking.

    Another fine job Myles. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for another excellent article. I agree with savejake- a new way of thinking. I find something I missed in every rerun episode.

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