Entourage – “The Day F*ckers” Review

Entourage Review

“The Day F*ckers”

After last week’s episode that was outright distasteful in many ways it would have been nice to return to some strong hollywood satire as we head towards Cannes. And, well, what we got was an oversexed and light-hearted trip into the world of these four friends. However, on the list of directions I wanted Entourage to take, emo relationship drama was not particularly one of them. In fact, it might have been on the bottom of my list.

That’s not to say this was a terrible episode of Entourage; as far as these really light and inconsequential episodes go, this one wasn’t particularly awful. But it just had no purpose: Ari’s storyline has been drawn out and neither funny nor dramatic, Eric’s love life has never been entertaining (Although Sloan remains as hot as ever), and Turtle and Drama’s antics were just as ludicrous as ever. The episode just kind of sat there, not doing anything except advance Eric’s love life that tiny little baby step forward.

But do we really care about what happens next? I mean, did we really need an entire 24 minutes so that Eric could have relationships without being hung up on Sloan? I mean, I’m glad that Vince finally got some for what seems like the first time in ages, but was that really worth an entire episode in the grand scheme of things? I don’t really think so, in any possible way. As much as I think that the show can stop on these story points every now and then, I would at least like to think they’re driving towards something.

Maybe instead of f*cking the day away, they might consider planning for Cannes next week.

In Review

– I must admit, I like my Johnny Drama damaged and insecure. This suave, determined and lewd gambling Johnny Drama isn’t nearly as appealing for me.

– Eric’s heart breaking should be somewhat meaningful if I cared anymore; Eric had become such a meaningless character on this show that I really couldn’t be much less interested.

– How did Turtle not know what a furry was? Or maybe I’ve been spending too much time on video game message boards. At least he came to his senses in the end.

– Ari’s storyline was heartbreaking, but I think it was a little bit too easy considering how perfect he apparently was. Wouldn’t the P.I. have noticed that he had a son who was working in Ari’s line of work?


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3 responses to “Entourage – “The Day F*ckers” Review

  1. Glad to see the return of Sloane. If Wally Balls could not be in episode glad she was. I just got my Wally Balls shirt in the mail. Bought from a site that had 20+ original Entourage designs. If I had more $$$ I would have gotten more.


  2. Gary Cooper

    I found this episode terrible Mlems and I’m glad you felt the same way. I worked 3-11 pm and stayed up until 1am because I didn’t want to miss it. Afterwards I immediately wished I hadn’t of. Sleep would have been a lot better then that boring episode. Ari crying was weak; E calling Sloan was even weaker. I don’t know why I didn’t feel bad for Ari at one of his weakness moments but I just didn’t. E came through in the end but only after he found out Sloan had realized she was too good for him. Vince bangin that hot chick was pretty sweet. I gotta say that Drama railing that chick in the bunny costume was pretty damn funny though!

    Keep up the good work Myles!


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