Why Ryan Seacrest is hosting the Emmy Awards

Today, it was announced that Ryan Seacrest would be hosting the 59th Annual Emmy Awards to air in September on FOX. There are a variety of reasons why this is happening:

Corporate Synergy (The Emmys are airing on FOX, why give time to a non-FOX performer?), Idol Pity (American Idol may well become the most nominated show never to win an Emmy this year: FOX is making sure the show isn’t completely forgotten),  plus It’s the Cool Thing to Do (Seacrest just got announced as FOX’s host for the Super Bowl red carpet, so he is clearly the go-to guy on FOX’s call list.)

However, I’d say that the real reason that Seacrest is hosting the Emmys is that, well, FOX is just that darn uninspired in their choices to host the show. They’ve got an entire lineup full of options, and yet they turn to the most predictable one in the bunch. Let’s take a look at some of this options.

…ummm…well, you know there’s…uhhh…

See, there really isn’t another viable option from FOX’s perspective. They don’t have late night personalities to speak of, at least not ones important enough to run an Awards show, and they lack any sort of star power outside of their Idol juggernaut.

Because Seacrest wasn’t picked because he’s funny (he’s not) or particularly knowledgeable about television (Don’t really think he is). This is literally an example of a red carpet reporter moving into a position where he needs to carry a show. There won’t be Simon, Paula and Randy there to bail him out, and while he does a good job with Idol I think this is a slightly different beast altogether.

Regardless, we’ll see how he performs in just under a month’s time. In the meantime, stay tuned to Cultural Learnings for major Emmy coverage in the coming weeks.

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