How ‘The Office’ Spent Its Summer Vacation

This YouTube video is spreading across entertainment blogs as I type…actually, it spread a lot earlier. But, to join the bandwagon in spreading a genuinely funny piece of entertainment, here’s The Office’s Summer Vacation. After the jump, I’ll discuss the video’s contents from a “What does this tell us about Season Four?” perspective.

This tells us a few things about the new season:

– Jim definitely dumped Karen, but Rashida Jones appears to be sticking around The Office…for now. She, after all, stars in a midseason FOX comedy that…well, it will probably fail quickly.

– Ryan has definitely gone corporate, and I must admit I love the transition. I do hope, however, that we don’t lose Melora Hardin’s old interactions with Michael just because she got big breasts. This said, the Michael/Ryan relationship shall continue to grow.

– Depressingly little info about Pam/Jim, though. We know Pam is listening to Jim’s suggestions, but Jim’s was all about Michael.

– Meanwhile, Michael and Dwight had some cute moments, although the Y Tu Mama Tambien reference was strange.

– Then, of course: Angela, Stanley, Creed, Phyllis and everyone else had their little moments. Cute all around.

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