Canadian Idol – September 3rd – The Top 3 Perform

So it’s been awhile since I’ve actually been able to watch Canadian Idol live, and this week was to be no different. However, after a long day during Frosh Week, I’m in need of a break, and Canadian Idol should do just fine.

This week is a bit odd, to be honest, since we’re at the semi-finals and Sass Jordan is providing our tutelage. Were they unable to get someone, or was there a cancellation? Regardless, we’re here to listen to these three sing full songs, both from the judges and from us, the audience.

Jaydee Bixby – “Break it to them Gently” by Burton Cummings

The Good: His voice didn’t sound terrible, countrifying the song actually worked.

The Bad: Still warbly, to be honest, and I still felt not a bit of natural stage presence when he isn’t getting into his honky tonk groove.

Brian Melo – “A Whiter Shade of Pale” by Procul Harem

The Good: Sounds good on the major parts of the song, good choice for his voice.
The Bad: They left in the organ solo, which felt really unnecessary. And, Zack was right, certain parts of the song were sketchy.

Carly Rae Jepsen – “At Seventeen” by Janice Ian

The Good: I’m not sure she’s looked much better than she did tonight, and the arrangement of the song was perfect. And, let’s face it, anything even a little vulnerable she nails, and this was no exception of that rule.

The Bad: Perhaps for the first time, with a song so focused on vocals, I felt that she warbled the words a little too much at points. Still, it fit the style of the song, so it wasn’t too bad.

Jaydee Bixby – “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash

The Good: Trumpets. His higher register.

The Bad: Jaydee sadly didn’t ACTUALLY fall into a ring of fire…kidding. His voice just wasn’t prepared to sing this song or something, because he struggled to hit some of the notes on the low ends of his register.

Brian Melo – “Lightning Crashes” by Brian Melo

The Good: Great choice of song, of course. We knew that when he picked Dolphin’s Cry.

The Bad: I’m kind of with Zack, I don’t really get the level of fandom he’s seen, specifically. He just doesn’t do anything except be very adequate…and I’d never use the word explosive.

Carly Rae Jepsen – “White Flag” by Dido

The Good: Diversity of performance (Starts out vulnerable, becomes confident) that actually played into the content of the song in a real fashion.

The Bad: …not much to note, really.

In Review

I don’t really know who is going home at this stage. History tells us that the series hasn’t had an all-male final since Ryan Malcolm/Gary Beals, so Carly Rae seems to be in a pretty safe spot. Still, she is certainly still vulnerable.

But my greater concern is whether it will be the decently talented Brian Melo or the annoyingly popular Jaydee Bixby. Jaydee isn’t terrible, by any means, but he has yet to show me a level of performance worthy of being the Canadian Idol. Melo, meanwhile, has been doing a good job of being consistent, but has never broken through either.

All logic points towards Jaydee making his way into the finals and leading to a very interesting showdown: the talented and engaging singer-songwriter and the lovable teenage honky tonker. And I really don’t know how that would turn out.

But we’ll find out tomorrow night, when Canadian Idol picks its finalists.

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