Emmys 2007: The Creative Arts Winners Announced

Each year, a number of the awards in “lesser” categories are decided in an awards ceremony a week previous: it’s when those little boxes come up on the screen so that we can see names fly by that you’ve never heard before.

Complete List of Creative Arts Winners [Emmys.org]

For the Emmys, however, there are always a few stories that justify the existence of these awards if only to recognize shows that got screwed over otherwise. Here’s the big story from the evening’s events:

Emmy-Award Winning ‘Battlestar Galactica’: For realz!

Perhaps I provided good fortune to the series with my blog post just yesterday, but the reality is that after consecutive nominations Battlestar Galactica finally picked up the Emmy for Visual Effects in a series. It’s deserved, as there was some great visual effects work in that episode, and the series has high-production values most of the time. Congrats, Battlestar!

Casting Gold: ‘Friday Night Lights‘ is Vindicated

None of their fantastic, awesome, stunning cast were nominated for an Emmy for their performances, but the show’s casting team was recognized with an award for Best Casting for a Drama Series. How, exactly, none of the brilliant casting led to a nomination remains beyond me, but at least they won’t be going home empty handed.

Guest Actress Trophies Go to Usual Suspects

Elaine Stritch’s performance as Jack’s mother on 30 Rock was fantastic, but her victory in the Guest Actress in a Comedy category isn’t exactly surprising: she’s won before, for Variety performer. And Leslie Caron defeated some stiff competition on the drama side of things, but she was on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, a perennial favourite amongst Emmy voters in this category.

Dick in a Box wins Emmy; Hell freezes Over

Although it won’t be performed during the ceremony thanks to some issues over censorship, as expected Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg’s Saturday Night Live collaboration netted them an Emmy Award. This just goes to show you the sway YouTube has over some Awards: after OK GO won a Grammy for Best Video, and now this, the internet has basically made some integral decisions. If only that extended to the other major awards.

American Idol Finally Wins an Emmy

It wasn’t the Competitive Reality Emmy that they desperately want, but American Idol finally picked up an Emmy for Technical Direction, Video and Camera Work for Idol Gives Back. This finally breaks their streak of a ridiculous amount of nominations without a single win. And yet The Amazing Race will still likely defeat them next week.

Guest Actors thank Roseanne, Monk

So, John Goodman (Who played the husband on Roseanne, of course) won the Emmy for Guest Actor in a drama series for Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Laurie Metcalf, who also starred on Roseanne, won last year for Guest Actress in a comedy for Monk, and Stanley Tucci rode that wave of Monk-love with a strong comic performance and an Emmy win. However, I’ve yet to find a connection to Kevin Bacon.

D-List No Longer: Kathy Griffin Takes Reality Prize

In what is perhaps the most distinctive victory for the evening, Katy Griffin’s “My Life on the D-List” defeated Extreme Makeover: Home Edition for Oustanding Reality Program. This is delightful, for me, because of the sharp difference between the two shows…and because Kathy Griffin pulls no punches, even with cancer orphans who get a new house. And I like that.

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