Review: Weeds – “Bill Sussman”

Weeds Review

“Bill Sussman”

September 10th, 2007

What last night’s episode of Weeds did well was deal with the problems it had set up for itself in the weeks previous. It ended Andy’s ridiculous and unfortunate army storyline, it further immersed us in Majestic’s realities, and it gave U-Turn and the Three 6’s a context and a storyline. It was the right kind of perspective for the series as it heads into its core storylines, while also providing some strong comic foil for Mary-Louise Parker.

The episode wasn’t complicated: Sullivan bribes Doug and Celia, the army disconnects from Andy, Shane goes to school, Silas deals, and Nancy deals with U-Turn’s life a little more. It was an episode about immersion: taking the scenarios set forward in the first four episodes and reminding us that they are realistic and adaptive.

In the case of Majestic, we gained a better understanding of just what goes on at their non-denominational, inter-faith church. Shane’s murder mystery scenario looked innocent at first: it showed he was fitting in, and allowed for some great family interaction between Nancy, Silas and Shane. And then, of course, it was really all an anti-abortion talk. It was well-handled, and a smart reveal.

The build is slower for Nancy’s dealings with U-Turn, however, as she is finding herself involved at the cusp of gang warfare. Her poor Prius became a drive-by ambulance of sorts, and she was made accessory to such a shooting. Conrad, in his token scene, made note that the shit was hitting the fan…and we got a rather ominous shot of a gun in his drawer.

Nancy ended the episode with a trunk of Three 6 heroin in her garage, so it appears that she will be wrapped up in this for quite some time. And this puts her at her neurotic finest: facing great trauma, dealing with new situations, and clearly uncomfortable in her setting even as it “brings out the best of her.”

Gang warfare tends to do that, I hear.

In Review

– Andy is officially out of the army, and I couldn’t be happier about it: the storyline was a waste of time, and I really wish that Justin Kirk could have had better material for the last few weeks.

– Celia also really needs a storyline at some point soon. I know that Sullivan gave her a house, which is a step in some sort of direction, but she needs a purpose.

– We’re still waiting another week for Mary-Kate Olsen, methinks, as she appears first next week. At this point, I’m getting more and more curious just what she’ll be like.

– I look forward to seeing the inside of the inter-faith church in Majestic to see just how their religious views are set forward. The anti-abortion talk is very general, but it should be interesting to see just what they have in mind.

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