Tuesday Night Wrapup: Reaper and Ratings Report

Tuesday Night Wrapup

September 26th, 2007

Reaper – “Pilot”

What: The reworked pilot to The CW’s new comedy series directed by Kevin Smith. The reworking applies only to those scenes featuring Andy, the love interest, who was recast (Details here).

Highlights: The show remains funny, Ray Wise remains fantastic as Satan, and I didn’t necessarily hate Missy Peregrym.

Lowlights: Peregrym, however, is rather boring and does nothing to improve the series over Nikki Reed, and the reshot scenes were too obvious thanks to Bret Harrison’s stubble.

Tuesday Ratings Report

What: The Fast National Nielsen Ratings for the second night of TV’s new season from PIFeedback.

The Winners: House and Dancing with the Stars stole the show with stunning demo and viewer performances, with House combining with a strong Bones (In the demo, anyways) to win the demo for FOX. Law & Order: SVU also performed well, dominating its timeslot in the demo. CBS’ NCIS and The Unit kept up last year’s numbers.

The New Shows: Reaper earned similar numbers to Veronica Mars’ performance last year, but actually grew out of Beauty and the Geek and might get a reprieve because of it. CBS’ Cane, meanwhile, performed well in terms of viewers but couldn’t match last year’s short-lived Smith in the demo which could hurt it in the long run.

The Losers: Beauty & the Geek and The Biggest Loser struggled against new competition, and Boston Legal couldn’t retain much of its Dancing with the Stars lead-in.


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3 responses to “Tuesday Night Wrapup: Reaper and Ratings Report

  1. They replaced Nikki with the girl from heroes who could change into people? But I liked Nikki on the show. Bastards.

    But I do like the show, and I didn’t notice the re-shot scenes. You have a good eye!

  2. BB

    I totally agree with you on the recast (and the obvious reshoot…why didn’t they just shave him!?)
    I too thought Nikki Reed was a better Andy over Missy, for some reasons Nikki just had more depth and emotion over Missy’s rather wooden performance (and I liked her on “Life as we know it.”) What’s up with the recast anyway? it’s not like one actress is more famous than the other, and they are equally good looking.

  3. I think we’ll see for certain on Tuesday, BB: that will be our real indication on whether the casting change was done for a particular reason. Perhaps, knowing the actress they have, they’ll do more to fit the character to Missy’s personality, whereas she was written pretty blandly in the pilot.

    I am just concerned that in some way casting Missy over Nikki means they’re heading in a direction with the character that required more…I don’t even know what it could be, but it doesn’t seem like it’s a good move. But, well, we’ll see how it develop.

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