How I Met Your Mother – “We’re Not From Here”

“We’re Not From Here”

October 1st, 2007

After spending last week on the Wrapup schedule, some wily TV wrangling meant that I was able to watch How I Met Your Mother live on television for the first time ever. Yes, ever. Dare I say that tonight is a legendary occasion?

After last week dealt with the breakup fallout for Robin and Ted, this week finally has a chance to deal with the other parts of the cast, mainly Marshall and Lilly’s newfound marriage. The result is that the show is finally able to return to some of its normal structure…which is either good or bad, I can’t really decide. Actually, on second thought, I don’t think it lived up to the show’s pedigree.

Ted and Barney may have received the episode title, but the episode is actually much more about Robin’s vacation buzz wearing out than about the antics of her ex. I knew that somewhere beneath Enrique Iglesias’ charm and sex appeal lied an illegal-immigrant sheltering, culturally inept individual, but it was really a fairly thankless sendoff for the character.

The problem was, however, that the episode’s other storylines felt too short and too pointless compared to Robin’s, which itself was nothing special: Marshall and Lily’s storyline had all of four scenes, Ted and Barney’s was uneventful outside of a fairly great speech from Ted about people who live in New Jersey but say they’re New Yorkers, and taken as individual stories they were incredibly shallow.

And it didn’t make for a bad television, by any means, but it was an episode that didn’t really deliver until its final scene in which we flash forward to 2029 where Marshall opens Lily’s death letter. Little touches like that are great, and what we expect from the show, but I wish the rest of the episode might have been memorable on its own.

Cultural Observations:

  • Marshall’s superstition is pretty well right on par with his character, but he doesn’t really have much else but his neuroses right now. The character had nothing to do this week, so finally seeing the story return to his relationship will Lilly is a positive development. However, as noted, the storyline didn’t get enough time to really matter.
  • On a similar level, “Ignatius Peabody Novell and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” is a great return to Ted and Barney’s wingman days. Moving from “Out of Towners” to “In Your Pantsers,” to “Thank God We Survived” Sex, their trip with the “fake” New Yorkers was charming if not life changing. Ted’s speeches actually overshadowed Barney in this case, although it didn’t do much for him.
  • Robin’s bedtime freakout complete with gun and her sexually charged Argentinian self was not subtle by any means, but was certainly a decent way to (quickly) snap her out of her Argentinian haze.
  • So we know that Marshall and Lilly are at least married for 22

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